Finally found a good use for my oh-so-too-pretty-to-write-on Starbucks planner.

I have decided to start a freelance journal. What exactly is a freelance journal, you ask?

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I want to start some sort of journal this year and that I promise to keep writing and get my freelance career going. Well, some of the action plans for those goals include finally starting (and completing) that 30 day creative writing challenge (I was supposed to do this last year!) and starting a freelance journal.

I got this idea from Mri Dukhullar’s blog, one of my favorite freelance writing blogs. Her blog is so useful and inspiring. Anyway, a freelance journal is sort of a way to keep track of what you do everyday. You write down everything you do and include notes like feedback from your boss or the number of revisions you had to do. The idea is that by looking at your daily activities, you’ll eventually see some kind of pattern with the way you work. Maybe you’ll see what makes up most of your time and then you can adjust as needed.

So I made my first entry on Feb 1st and I’m hoping to keep this up until the end of the year. Hopefully this will help me manage my time better. Or something. It’s actually nice to use pen and paper again.

You think this is a good idea? ;)