Guest Post & Giveaway: I’m Kind of a Weirdo, and You Might Be, Too (by Dana Sitar)

Please enjoy this guest post by Dana Sitar author of A Writer’s Bucket List. Then read on to know more about the book and enter the giveaway! ;)

I’m Kind of a Weirdo, and You Might Be, Too
by Dana Sitar

Because Leah has been so generous as to devote a whole week to the launch of my book — *blush* — I think it’s time to introduce myself to you all. I’d love for you to do the same! Tell me in the comments who you are.

Charmed, I’m sure :)

My name is Dana. I’m a freelance blogger and indie author of “A Writer’s Bucket List” and other ebooks for writers. Through these books, plus the blog and community at DIY Writing, I share resources, tips, and tools for writers in search of a path. I do this because I love talking about writing, and because I realized not too long ago that the things I say are motivational to writers who aren’t sure where to begin or how they can do the (admittedly modest) things I’ve done in my career.

Someone emailed me recently to say, “You and your articles inspire me to be the person that I imagine myself to be and even beyond!”

I cried. Then I resolved to always strive to offer this kind of motivation and inspiration, and whatever resources I can, to budding writers and creatives who need a little extra oomph to move beyond the status quo.

I’m not much a part of the status quo, not even in the writing world. I’m a weirdo, constantly fighting the urge to give into the ease of being normal — first, by becoming a writer instead of getting a “real job”, and now, by forging a kinda unconventional path as a writer.

Many big or small things make me feel like I don’t quite fit in, even among people following the same dreams, and I’m sure there are others like that. We’re dabblers. Not quite novelists, journalists, copywriters — not quite any kind of writer, but a little bit of all of them.

In my writing life, I have been an editor, journalist, reviewer, blogger, author, copywriter, ghost writer, editorial assistant, social media writer, content writer/editor, ebook writer and publisher, joke-writer, and a publishing consultant.

Before that, I was a volunteer manager, an event coordinator, a non-profit data/services coordinator, an office assistant, a research center phone interviewer, and a barista.

I graduated high school with something like a 3.4 GPA, but I dropped out of college after 4 years and about 9 majors.

I write thousands of words every day for blogs and social media, but I can’t get through more than a few hundred words of fiction at a time.

I’m not cat person, like every writer seems to be. I don’t like dogs, either, or, for that matter, plants or children. I prefer to focus on taking care of myself, and I’m not awesome at that yet.

Writers seem to always be morning people, but I’m a night person. I don’t like to do anything that requires me to wake before 7 a.m., and I don’t want to talk to anyone outside of my home until after noon. If you call me at 3 a.m., I will talk to you until we both fall asleep.

I do, however, love coffee, like every normal writer ;)

Through the creation and promotion of DIY Writing and A Writer’s Bucket List, I have connected with bloggers, freelancers, journalists, novelists of every genre, poets, short story writers, newsletter editors, ghost writers, the traditionally- and self-published, children’s book writers, illustrators, and more.

I’ve learned that we’re all complete weirdos, which is pretty cool and very comforting.

I’m so thankful to writers like Leah, and the other DIY Writers in the blog hop, for throwing their support behind this book, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of getting to know all these weird writers. I’m building the DIY Writing community as a place where y’all can come to discover other weirdos and find a space where you’re free to wander and forge your own unique paths.

About the Book

A Writer’s Bucket List: 99 things to do for inspiration, education, and experience before your writing kicks the bucket is an inspirational and educational ebook for writers at all levels of their careers. The book is a launching point for all of the possibilities of being a writer, a kick in the butt for those who don’t know what to do next, and a simple guide to help writers forge their own unique career/life paths.

About the Author

Dana Sitar is a freelance journalist and indie author. She shares resources, tips, and tools for writers in search of a path through DIY Writing ( She has been writing professionally since 2010, blogging unabashedly since 2011, and traveling perpetually since she discovered that one feature article could purchase enough gas for a cross-country road-trip.


Resources, tips, and tools for writers in search of a path.


Stories and guides to inspire, motivate, and educate.

Connect with Dana:

Twitter: @danasitar

Contact: dmsitar(at)


Dana will be giving away one copy of the book to a lucky reader! All you need to do is answer a simple question and share about the launch. Enter using the Rafflecopter below! This is open to anyone and will run from today til the end of The Bucket List Challenge (Feb 12)!

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