March has come and I got zip.

The part where I rant about achieving nada in February. Nada!

How now, browncow? It is MARCH and I have yet to do shit. I mean, really do shit. I seem to have forgotten my bucket list. Well, kind of. Not totally. I’m just not making any real progress.

Okay, let’s see here. I got zip short stories. Zero personal essays. No creative writing pieces for my creative writing challenge. No completed article over at HOLY CRAP. I suck. I suck big time.

It’s been a month and all I have to show for are, one, an unexciting freelance journal (yeah, I write hastily in it everyday, but it feels somewhat lacking of something), and, two, sporadic days of Insanity workout sessions. At least I’m still reading books, but I feel like I can’t read them fast enough and I have around thirty books in my review pile. Thirty books! And most of them are from last year. HOLY CRAP.

I just feel like I’m running behind everything. Elp.. elp.. (Sometimes distress gives me a French accent.)

The second part of my ranting. Feeling melodramatic but kinda spiritual on some level. And hopeful. Always hopeful. Because I’m hopeless like that. Hopeless.

The past month hasn’t been too great when it comes to work. I haven’t had any big projects lately and I’ve been on something of a rollercoaster ride of emotions about the whole freelance thing again. Moolah has been hard to come by. I earn enough for rent money but I can’t dare spend on anything else.

I was excited about a few big job applications this month, but they didn’t pan out. Disappointing, but not enough to crush my spirit just yet. I know I will have many more rejections to come. It just sucks, that’s all.

I am so GRATEFUL for my existing partnerships with a few people who throw me a bone or two every once in a while. They have been a real blessing. Somehow, just when I think I’m doomed, they send work my way, enough for me to make rent every month. It’s divine intervention, I tell you. I know the powers that be are looking out for me and because of that I am grateful and still determined to “make it” it in this writing thing.

Ah, epiphany or something like it. Only smaller. And much more obvious. Also known as the part where I sing, “Ch-ch-changes..” in my head.

I know, I need to make some changes. And by changes, I mean my ass needs to be kicked. By me. I have to do something. I’ve been trying to do something for months and I keep thinking back to what worked for me when I was starting out — the first 30 day challenge. I need to do something just like it if only to get myself off my sorry butt.

So, first order of the self-ass-kicking court (yes there is such a thing). Go back to getting up around 7-ish AM everyday. I did it for 30 days before, I can do it again. Only this time I’m hoping to go beyond 30 days.

Second order, write at least 300 words everyday. I need to get to those writing to-do’s on my freakin’ list. I have to work on those short stories and personal essays. I need to write more meaningful posts on this blog and on my personal landing page. I need to work on creating a portfolio of published writing even if it’s just on my blog. I need to be more awesome. (Notice the word more? Hah.)

Third order, I will have to stop signing up on blog tours until my review pile has been reduced to zero. It’s hard, but I’ve started unsubscribing from some of the tour host mailing lists. Seeing tour invites in my inbox is just too much temptation to go nuts with blog tours.

Fourth order, get back to the Insanity workout or some other workout. Dammit.

Is this too much of a fitness goal? Hah. ;)

So, as usual, I have a gazillion plans in my head. 

A few days ago I read this awesome post about creating a portfolio even if you don’t have professional experience. It can be done, people. That is why I need to get more epic blog posts out there. They will be a great help as well when applying to job postings because employers always ask for links to previous work.

I need to come up with a 30-day blogging editorial plan of some sort so I can do everything I said I would do. I need to schedule in blog posts for WSP, blog posts for my landing site, personal essays (can either go on any of the two sites or offline), and short stories. The 30-day period is just a start.

I need to start working on my guest post queries. Guest blogging on other sites is another way of getting my name out there, plus I can add them to my portfolio.

I’ve been thinking of coming up with a more creative and structured way to do my book reviews. I was inspired by this book report style and I want to do something similar although I’ll probably just keep it simple and easy. We’ll see in my next review.

I’ve also decided to turn my Going Freelance series into a short ebook that people can download for free. Some of the series posts still get hits up to now and I thought I should put them all in one document to make it easier for people! I’ve somewhat started on this one but I need to do a lot of editing and updating to make them more relevant to what’s happening now.

So so so many things to do!

This is madness. I can do this.

How was your February? Got any big plans for March? Do tell! ;)

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