A letter from May 27th 2012

So just got an email from myself from May of last year via futureme.org. I completely forgot about writing this letter and it just made me smile right now. Here is what the Me in May 2012 had to say to the Me today.

Well, well. I sent this around the time when I was just starting out with the whole freelance thing. I love that I was so positive and eager! Looking at the five points mentioned in my letter, I assess my current score to be about 2.5 out of those five. I don’t feel so bad about that though.

I haven’t quite reached my $1000/month goal, but I’m getting there. I’m almost there. It’s been a rough year freelance-wise, but I can honestly say that I made some progress as a freelance writer. And since I haven’t reached this income goal yet, it means I’m still struggling with my insurance payments and what not. All in good time.

I stopped planning for my book, but it’s not something I totally chucked out the door. I still want to be a novelist one day, but I’ve made smaller goals this year that I feel I should accomplish first before I even start working on a book. Baby steps, friends.

My blog and its Facebook page is doing alright. I have to admit I drowned myself in blog tours for the last few months and ‘lost’ a little bit of my blogging personality, but I’m already working on that. No more blog tours for me after June and until I reduce my current review pile. Time to get ‘me’ back in my blog.

Last, but not least, I didn’t expect it last year, but I just got engaged so I’m definitely ecstatic about that part of my life!

I’m glad I made that letter to the future me. In fact, I just sent another one for the Me in 2014. I think these little messages to our future selves are great reminders about what we want and where we want to go. What do you think?

Have you written a letter to your future self?

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