Fess Up Friday: I’m stressing about wedding preps in my head

What is my dream wedding? I honestly can’t remember what I pictured in my head about my wedding when I was a young girl. I mean, most girls had that fantasy, right? I know I had some sort of “dream wedding” scenario in my head, but I can’t seem to remember the details.

Why am I asking? Because I’m starting to stress about wedding preps in my head. Just in my head. I have a million thoughts in my head all the time. They’re mostly about the wedding colors, the mood, the theme. I always thought the THEME encompassed everything. Apparently, you have to determine the MOOD, too. I was like, uh, we’re having a garden wedding. What’s the theme? What’s the mood? Uh, garden wedding? Eep. Anyway, the caterer who also happens to do event styling kinda cleared that up for us, so now we have to create a mood board of some sort. I have tons of pictures from the net, but they’re all just stuff that I find nice and pretty. I don’t seek out anything specific or look for burlap table runner wedding stuff like those in the vintage or country themed weddings I’ve seen on the net. I need to put together something that would show our personalities!

Aside from the theme and mood, I still can’t decide on a design for my dress. I spend hours on the net just looking at wedding dresses and none of them has hit me with that “That’s it!” moment. I see a lot of gorgeous gowns and I can picture myself in them, but I honestly don’t know if they’re ME, you know? I need to do some internalizing and try to imagine what I really want. I’m also hoping the designer will be able to help me out.

Some people have been saying they think Carpet Head’s going to be the groomzilla (haha!), but that’s just because he’s the more OC one between us. I’m kind of a last minute panicking kind of gal so my inner bridezilla will probably show herself when we get closer to the big day. Right now everything’s just in my head.

So there. I’m starting to stress about wedding preps in my head. I need to think about how to get our personalities to come out in the styling and everything. And Imma have to do a little quiet me time and think about how I want my dress to look like. I have to get everything back to what Carpet Head and I are like as people and let that guide us into how we want our wedding celebration to be. We still have a lot to do, but it’s pretty exciting. :)

By the way, do any of you know of any cool wedding planning apps or what not? I keep a notebook where I write down my ideas and notes and that really helps me, and I’ve also been checking out a couple of cool wedding apps for my iPad, but I want to know what the top apps are out there. Help a girl out? ;)

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