Sometimes I feel like a fraud

When people ask me where I work, my usual answer is “at home.” Then I say the word “freelance” because that’s the next thing that comes to my mind. Then they ask what kind of freelance work I do. “Writing,” I tell them. This is usually followed by, “Oh, you’re a writer! What kind of writing do you do?” This is where I start babbling about writing for websites and writing articles. Sometimes I mumble about my work with authors.

Telling people about my work can be awkward for me sometimes because I don’t know how to explain to them that it’s both what they think and not what they think. Am I making sense? Yes, I am a writer, but sometimes I feel like a fraud because I haven’t written anything great. I haven’t written anything that isn’t related to work. I haven’t written any short story worth sharing. I have all these writing plans and challenges, but I haven’t actually done anything. Oh man.

So these days I feel like a fraud. I’m hoping I’ll snap out of this, whatever this is, soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel like a fraud”

  1. I guess the prolem is that most Filipinos are not oriented to the concept of writing for freelance. I have a friend who had the same experience. All the while her neighnors thought that she was an ultimate “PALamon” Haha Little do they know, she makes a lot of money by staying at home ;)

    I’m sure your time will come. You will write that book and I will become a fan :)


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