Monday Musings: I need more girly stuff

The week before last, I went to the alumni homecoming at my old firm and I had to borrow my sister’s pants and long cardigan. I also had to dig up some old black office flats because I didn’t have anything else to wear. Sister dear has some gorgeous wedges and pumps, but unfortunately my feet are a size larger than hers. Sadness.

Seriously, I need more girly stuff in my closet. Sure, I have some really cool tanks and graphic tees that I usually wear with cute shorts and my sister’s cool cargo skirt (which I luuurve to death), but I need a few pieces that I can wear to slightly more formal or ‘dressed up’ occasions. I can’t really wear my graphic tees all the time, you know. I need a cute blouse or a nice dress so that I won’t look underdressed at these pseudo fancypants events.

I’ve been taking to surfing for cute stuff online and just saving things I like on my shopping cart. I’ve ventured out of the usual sites that I usually look at, and I spotted some pretty cute dresses that I can see myself in over at this site. I have over 20 of them on my wishlist right now. Gah. Must. Have. Them.

Also, I need me some girly shoes! Strappies will work too. Ever since I started working from home, I stopped wearing closed shoes aside from my football cleats, my running shoes, and my sneakies. Other than those I only wear my beloved flip-flops and a ratty old pair of sandals. I am in serious need of some cute strappy sandals, ballerina flats, or even cute wedges. I kind of want one of those spike studded things. Flats and wedges too and maybe even some killer heels.

Eep, I need to set aside a few bucks for the girlification of my closet. I can’t remember the last time I shopped for something other than ultimate frisbee stuff. LOL.

Anyway, say hello to Monday! I know, right? ;) 

Have a great week, friends! :)

3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I need more girly stuff”

  1. I first I didn’t get it, because you are very girlie (in the good way). But then I understood. We all need “situationally appropriate” clothes.

    Hope you’ve been doing well!


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