Rambling Tuesday: I seriously suck as a book blogger right now.

So the question that’s been on my mind lately is this: Am I still a book blogger if I haven’t been reading or reviewing any of the books I’m supposed to be reading and reviewing?

Last Friday I was all, “Have a good weekend, people. Read a book.” on Twitter and all weekend I was having a hard time getting back to the book I’ve been “currently reading” for weeks now. And it’s a pretty exciting book, too, with a really kickass female heroine, and I was having a hard time getting back to it. I finished it finally at the last hour.  Yay for me, but then I still have tons of books to go.

I’m kind of stuck. And I suck because I’m kind of stuck.

Months ago I put myself on a review and blog tour lockdown because I wanted to plow through my current review pile first. I haven’t done any serious plowing. According to my Goodreads 2013 reading challenge meter, I am 30+ books behind my target. Thirty plus books! And it’s already October. Holy crap. You know what those 30+ books are? Those are exactly the number of books on my to-be-reviewed list. GAHHH.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I haven’t been reading. I’ve been reading but half have been books that aren’t on my review list. I’m not sorry about that because they have been great reads, but I just feel bad that I still have a long way to go with my review pile and I’ve been keeping all these authors waiting. I really am sorry, dear Authors. :(

Another question that’s on my mind is this: When the hell did I become such a boring book reviewer?

I mean, it’s not how I used to write these reviews anymore. Seriously, I liked the first few book reviews I ever did on this blog. They were fun to write and felt more “me” than the latest ones. These days I sound so boring. Ugh. And I hate being boring. Gah.

Forgive me, I’m rambling, but I’m really in such a blogging rut. I’ve been in a rut for a while now and I know I just need to get back to why I started blogging in the first place and keep writing without thinking about who would read it.

Okay. Rambling over.

Have you ever been in a blogging rut? How did you get out of it? :)

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