T-Shirt Thursday!

Well, folks, it’s been a while since the last T-Shirt Thursday, and I can’t believe how much tee-awesomeness I’ve missed since then.

Do Not Read The Next Sentence (SnorgTees): Always nice to be a little rebellious once in a while.

Mini Pixels (Threadless): Teeny weeny pixel characters! Click on the link for a larger photo so you can name them all and brag to us later that you can. Because I can’t. Boo.

Pocket Panda (DesignByHumans): I’m not obsessed with pandas like many people, but this is kinda adorable. And I’m kinda envious of this girl’s curly-wavy hair.

One-Eyed Bookworm (DesignByHumans): A minion reading a book? What’s not to like? Look at his eye. Intense!

Rock O’Clock (TopatoCo): I seriously want this. To remind me of my youth. Haha.

Winter Is Coming (TeeFury): Whatta *cool* shirt, eh? Hah.

Robot (Last Exit To Nowhere): Ooh! New discovery! Film-inspired hand screen printed shirts by Last Exit To Nowhere. They got some pretty cool prints that I wish I was well acquainted with. I mean, you know.

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