The Day Before Friday (A story about love, shopping, and steak.)

Part 1.

It was the day before Friday. Mom came by for lunch, brought lunch and a box of chocolate love.


Right when I took the last bite of cupcake, one of the little red hearts fell. I swear, the photo below wasn’t styled. It was..




Part 2.

It was the day before Friday. After lunch I decided to go to the department store to look for new swimwear and shorts. I saw a rack of denim cut-offs, tried on about a dozen, but my hips and legs refused them all. Then I saw a rack of cheap short boardshorts, and grabbed a size 36. Lo and behold, my hips and legs embraced them like a long lost buddy. AWESOMECAKES.

So, with a pair of shorts in hand, I went searching for swimwear. I tried on a few, but the girls didn’t love them. Dejected, I was about to run away ugly-crying when I saw a rack of bikini tops on sale. I grabbed a few to try on and I ended up buying a simple black top for 99 bucks. HOLLA.

Now all I need are bottoms that my hips and legs would love like candy. LIFE.


Part 3.

It was the day before Friday. Carpet Head and I had our first Valentine’s dinner as a married couple. We had one of the best steaks evur at a place called Melo’s.

Warm bread with butter, check. Glorious minestrone soup — for me, hubby (*eep*) had pumpkin– check. Ribeye with buttered veggies and tomato sauce pasta, double check.

Leftover in doggie bag stored in the ref. CHECK.


The End.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. May your life be filled with love, laughter, light and chô′kə-lĭt lŭv  all year round.

But most especially, chô′kə-lĭt lŭv. ;)


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