The Odyssey: Every Man Is Legendary [Video]

One thing I really love about my job is that I discover a lot of creative campaigns and projects from around the world. I got another one for yah!

Remember back in September when I posted about Heineken’s Legends campaign? That campaign was all about finding out whether legends are born or made. They dropped off random guys in random parts of the world to find out what they’re made of when taken out of their comfort zone. I thought that was pretty cool, especially when they dropped off two Irish dudes on a beach in the Philippines! Lucky dudes.

Heineken has just launched a new TV ad campaign called The Odyssey. This time the campaign is all about how every man is legendary at something. Heineken believes that Heineken drinkers have at least one legendary skill up their sleeves and this latest campaign celebrates these guys being  legendary in their own right.

The TV ad follows the story of a man’s adventures on a cruise ship. He charms everyone on board with his “legendary” skills like going low on a limbo contest, bird calling, diving into a pool, sliding beer, dancing, and more.

The main character is actually played by 20 guys who were all found through an open casting call where they demonstrated their unique skills. Check out the story behind each casting call via The Odyssey Interactive Film. The clips are quite fun to watch.

Heineken has also released a video addressing comments saying that the guys who played the main dude in the video are all fakes. Check out the video at the end of this post.

The campaign is pretty amusing, but I’m still hoping to see some ladies doing legendary stuff, too. C’mon, Heineken! ;)

This post is sponsored by Heineken. 

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