Guest Post: 5 Reasons why Reading a Book Brings Peace

Reading is a personal pursuit, so we each pick up books for different reasons. For most people, entertainment is one of the primary takeaways from reading a good book. But there are other reasons why people read; furnishing a host of benefits for individuals inspired to peruse their favorite titles.

Whether you are on a quest for deeper meaning, or simply out for a leisurely read, personal pleasure and gratification are strong inspiration for taking-in text. We all strive to feel better in life, and books support our pursuits. We don’t always know – or need to know – exactly why we crack a book, but our motivation remains interesting nonetheless.

Bridging the gap between the demands of daily life and our potential to see beyond them; reading brings peace to readers as they explore new ideas and unique forms of expression. Why does reading change our perspective in this way?

You’re Learning

Reading is enlightening. Sharing a story line or concept conceived by an author leads to personal revelations, even when reading works of fiction. Learning stimulates positive chemistry in our bodies, so physiological drives turn us toward books, for the positive impacts they have on our mood and perspective. The process sustains itself too, as we learn and grow increasingly hungry for the rewards reading provides. Compulsive readers know how powerful the drive can be and how much satisfaction comes from gaining new insight from books.

You get to Choose

Unless a particular book is specifically required for a school or work project, there is a good chance you decided what to read. The flexible nature of written works – whether poetry, prose or other forms of creative expression – enables us to custom-tailor our selections. We don’t always see the same flexibility in other areas of our lives, so there is an inherent peace present in our open-ended flexibility to choose the material we read.


Reading counteracts some of the other activities we engage in. Hectic daily lives move non-stop at times, so reading furnishes a perfect counter-balance for the demands pulling at us from all directions. Reading is quiet and peaceful by nature, transporting us from the hustle and bustle of modern life, into serene frames of mind. Short of meditation, reading furnishes one of the most peaceful pastimes available.

Escapism at its Best

One step beyond the serenity it provides, reading also harbors the potential to take us to new places – if only in our minds. Fast-paced living keeps us constantly on-point, sometimes reducing our ability to think imaginatively. Reading books helps us break free from routines and takes us to places we otherwise might never conceive of; furnishing peaceful departures from the daily toil of existence.

You Relate to Authors

Just as we gravitate to entertainers in other genres, it’s common for readers to latch on to the works of particular authors. As you seek escape by way of books; you naturally want to be in good company. And since you and the author are the only ones represented, the best reading experiences are those allowing you to relate to an author’s point of view.
Reading books helps us keep peace with our surroundings, transporting us beyond the demands of daily life. While rewards are highly personal and custom-fitted to our individual lifestyles, reading is a peaceful departure from the stresses and strains of modern routines.


This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from, a people finder site. She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @

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