T-Shirt Thursday!

Yay for awesome art! Yay for awesome graphics! Yay for awesome girly curly hair! Yay for awesome rose tats! Yay for Thursdays!

Natural Beauty by Megan Lara (DesignByHumans): I just found this print really gorgeous. I want her hair huhu.

Find The Killer (DesignByHumans): Seriously, look for the killer, quick! Hurry!

Art & Meow by Elly Liyana (Threadless): Okay, this shirt is cool and all, but I really just have a crush on this girl’s rose tattoo. Gorgeous.

Pocat by Tobe Fonseca (Threadless): Eeep! Adorbs! I want my own pocket kitty cat.

Rockat by Draco (Threadless): From a cute kitty cat to a cool kitty cat! Yeah, he’s rockin’ it.


4 thoughts on “T-Shirt Thursday!”

  1. I’m a Threadless fan! One of my drawers are filled with their tees. I haven’t heard of DesignByHumans though, but I am soooo checking it out right now.

    I think you’d look great with long wavy hair. =)

    PS. Long time, huh. Hope you still remember me.
    e L a

    • Hey Ela!

      Great to hear from you again! Of course, I remember you. I’ve been looking for your blog but I can’t find it anymore. ;)

      Aren’t graphic tees the best? :P I’m a Threadless fan, too, obviously, but I haven’t tried buying from DesignByHumans either. Their designs are great too.


  2. Find the killer and the pocket kitty are my favorites–and you should keep your hair, it’s much better!

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