Things I’m thankful for and loving today

Because it’s Friday and I’m stalling before I need to get to work.

1. Kat Dennings and Eric Andre from 2 Broke Girls

Kat Dennings – I’ve had a girl crush on since I discovered her gorgeous blog header some years back. I know, I’m weird, but that header photo is gold. Plus she’s really funny on 2 Broke Girls. Eric Andre – I just discovered him on that show, too, and he is frickin’ hilarious. I’m loving them both right now.

Check out this clip from the show. A little background – SPOILER ALERT! – Deke (Eric Andre) is trying to win back Max (Kat Dennings) who doesn’t want to date him anymore because he turned out to be a rich dude.

So funny. I haven’t seen any of the episodes from this season.

2. My new stuff from Zalora

I’m kind of addicted to Zalora because it’s so easy to buy stuff there. I just got my nth package from them and I’m happy with my purchase. It’s been a hit-or-miss for me with some of the things I ordered from them, but generally it’s all been good. It’s really just the sizing of the brands that I’ve had problems with. I ordered shoes twice from the store, but both times they were too small. I’ve ordered dresses that were too big or too small. Not a big deal though because I was able to return them all in exchange for store credit. In fact, I already used up my credit for this latest package.

Voila! I have a new colorful scarf! It came with a casual black dress. Woot. Joy. Small joys, friends. Small joys.


Huh. That selfie is just nope. LOL. But I love the scarf. Don’t you?!

3. Connu and Voice Diary apps

I’ve been wallowing in a blogging-slash-reading rut for months now and I haven’t really been trying anything to get myself out of it. About a couple of days ago, I was wallowing extra hard and getting bored with myself – I was out of lives in Candy Crush – when I chanced on the Voice Diary app I downloaded some weeks ago. I tried recording something. I failed. It was strangely fun though. It was fascinating to hear my voice. Not so fascinating to hear my voice talk about nonsense, but I’ll work on that.

Then I found the Connu app, something I also downloaded a couple of months ago. It’s a hub of short stories curated by some of the best and renowned writers in the world. I decided to read the story of the week and it was beautiful. I read another one the other night and it was really something. And by “really something” I mean “I wished I’d written that.” Like, DEYYM. I like reading these stories but sometimes great stories just jack up my frustration even more. Hah. Anyway, loving these apps right now.


Aaaand that is it.

Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve made a LIST!  Hurray. I call that progress. Maybe this rut will end soon after all.

What are you thankful for and loving today? :)

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