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Carpet Head and I headed up to Tagaytay last Thursday to stay for one night at this place called T House. We just wanted to go away for at least a day for the Holy Week and wanted to stay at a nice place. We were choosing between T House and 8 Suites. What won us over was the food selection at T House. Hah. Show us the noms and we’re there!

The place is just along Calamba Road in Tagaytay City. Coming from Sta. Rosa Road, you turn left on Calamba Road. T House is on the left side so you don’t get a view of the lake and all that, but it doesn’t matter really. The place is really nice, even sans any stunning landscape view.

Can’t say any more so just check out the photos. Yayyyy.


The place is huge! The rooms are grouped into what they called clusters, which are really just small buildings with rooms. On the left side is the kitchen and the restaurant. You can see the hotel guy carrying our bags on the right. Our room was near the second big tree on the right. At the end of this little driveway is the spa. By the way, I think all the trees at this place are fruit-bearing trees – jackfruit (see the fruits?) and mango trees. Awesome.


We were booked in the Earth Cluster and our room was the only one with a balcony, which you can see in the photo above. The door below it is not our door though. Our door is on the other side of this building. You go up the steps on the right-most, where that dark tree is. That tree on the left-most is a mango tree and little mangoes were just falling everywhere including the roof. Reminded me of home, actually. We have mangoes falling on our roof, too, at our parents’ house in my hometown.


Look at our room! I think the staff were given a heads up that we were newlyweds because they sprinkled pretty rose petals all over the place. I thought that was nice. The French door on the right opens up to the balcony. The bathroom is on the right of those pretty French doors.


Here’s a shot of the bath. Pretty spacious. The door to the bath is a sliding door in a similar design as the French doors.

The next morning we decided to have breakfast al fresco. The weather was just too nice.

photo 5

Ah this is me working on the balcony Thursday afternoon. Although it was technically a holiday, I still had work to do.

Overall, we were pretty happy with our stay. We were slightly disappointed that some of the food on the menu – specifically the ribs and the Wagyu – weren’t available, but the other stuff we ordered weren’t bad at all.

The T House is a great place to get away from the city and just relax. I also think it would be a pretty nice venue for small family gatherings or intimate parties. I wouldn’t mind going back there. :)

Ever been? What other nice places in Tagaytay do you recommend?

See more photos below. Moar photos moar!

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