This week’s pasta adventures. Or not.

Can you eat pasta for lunch for four days in a row? Well, apparently I can.

So, we Filipinos love to eat rice in almost every meal, right? I’m home all day, left to my own devices, so sometimes I do cook rice and sometimes I don’t (usually when I’m too lazy to thaw something from the freezer). Anyway, we ran out of rice and didn’t have time to hit the supermarket. I really don’t get out much on weekdays ’cause I’m supposed to be workin’ at home like a good work-at-home person (hah!). Luckily, I bought a bag of penne the last time we were at the grocery store. Hurray.

I decided to make the easiest thing – and the only pasta thing – I know how to make: tuna pasta!

I cooked a cup and a half of pasta the usual way. You know, boil in water with a little cooking oil and salt and constant stirring. After checking that the pasta was al dente enough, I drained the water, ran tap water through the pasta to remove the heat, and set it aside. Then I opened a can of spicy tuna flakes and cooked it until the oil disappeared. I mixed the pasta and tuna together, and voila! Tuna pasta! Hah. Easy peasy.

tuna pasta
Penne pasta + tuna flakes = tuna pasta! Sounds about right, eh?

Okay, I know I could’ve added more flavors and stuff by cooking the tuna in olive oil and throwing in other stuff like capers or garlic or sundried tomatoes or other things you’d want in a tuna pasta, but I only had olive oil and simply decided to skip it. (What, use healthy oil? Pssshh. Nonsense!) My plain tuna pasta was still pretty decent though.

So, I had tuna pasta for lunch for three days in a row – just for lunch, since Carpet Head and I ordered food for dinner. On the third day, I decided to add tiny cubes of cheese to my pasta lunch. So *creative* and so much better. LOL.

tuna pasta with cheese
Spot the little cheesy cubes!

On the fourth day, I still had enough pasta for a single serving so I decided to experiment and make my own version of a no-bake mac and cheese dish, or penne and cheese, in this case. I googled the recipe and found one that only required butter, milk and cheese. Or something. Anyway, I had all three so I decided to go for it.

I cooked the butter and the milk for a couple of minutes, then added the cheese and cooked the mixture until it looked “sauce-like” enough. I added my experimental cheese sauce to the pasta, and voila! No-bake penne and cheese. Hah. Uh, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I’m pretty sure I missed an ingredient or two. I’m not a big mac and cheese fan anyway so I probably won’t be making any more anytime soon.

Anyway, that’s the whole point of this post. I stuffed myself with carbs this week, the same week that I started the new workout program that Carpet Head made for me. GREAT. Haha.

Does anyone have any easy pasta recipes for a semi-lazy experimental cook? I’d love to see them. LOL.

no bake penne and cheese
Those are cheese bits. They didn’t quite melt as I had hoped.

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