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What’s better than a good ol’ cup of coffee? Winning a whole pack of organic coffee, that is!

Yep, the giveaway gods have blessed me again! I won the cool Coffee Not Coffee giveaway over at Greta’s Junkyard! Yayyyyy coffeeee.

I was pretty excited when I found out I was one of the two winners. I entered on the last day of the giveaway so I really felt lucky. It made me feel so giddy that I thought I should do a post when I’ve had a taste of my prize! I haven’t done a product review in a long while so this should be interesting.

Read on to know more about Coffee Not Coffee and my first taste of their organic coffee product.

What is Coffee Not Coffee?

Coffee Not Coffee is an Australian-owned and made company founded by two sisters who share a love for coffee, health, and fitness. Their products are organic coffee products that include natural superfoods and herbal and botanic ingredients that are basically good for the body and the mind.

The ingredients in their coffee products help in weight loss, increasing one’s metabolism, lowering cholesterol, detoxifying, boosting anti-oxidant intake, clearing complexions, and more.

Coffee Not Coffee currently offers five products: African Mango Coffee, Detox Green Coffee, Slimming Hot Cacao, Detox Green Tea, and their newest flavor Slimming Raspberry Coffee.

Coffee Not Coffee

Each type of product contains specific ingredients that have health benefits. More details about each product can be found here, but you can take a quick look at the table below to see these benefits.

Coffee Not Coffee-5

As you can see, some of these products share the same benefits while each one also has something specific to them because of their special ingredients – you know, African mango, green coffee beans, cacao beans, raspberry ketone, and other herbal ingredients.

For my prize, I chose Slimming Raspberry Coffee. I was deciding between Detox Green Coffee and Slimming Raspberry Coffee, but after reading all the product info I decided to try the Raspberry one because it also includes one of the ingredients in Detox Green Coffee. The more cool ingredients, the merrier, right?

I received my prize yesterday afternoon, but I was only able to try it this morning because the instructions said to drink a cup 15 minutes before breakfast. We wants to follow instructions, my preciousss. Haha.

Coffee Not Coffee 3

Coffee Not Coffee 6

So it says on the packet to dissolve one sachet in a cup of boiling water and add milk or natural sweetener if desired. It also says the recommended is “one cup a day.” I like my coffee bold, sweet, with milk or cream – preferably milk – and I like having more than a cup a day if I can manage it. Also, we’re brown sugar people over here at our apartment so, uh, yeah no “natural sweetener” for me. I didn’t add anything just yet though, so I could taste it in all its pure glory!

Anyway, after making my cuppa organic joe, I let it sit for a bit because I prefer my coffee warm and not burn-your-tongue hot . I know there are people who like their coffee burning hot.

After a few minutes I took a sip and… it… wasn’t bad! I mayyy have added too much water though but at least I could still taste its “coffee-ness” haha. I don’t know if I was expecting a hint of raspberry (haha) but it doesn’t have any fruity taste at all, which is great. I like fruity cocktails but not fruity coffee! Ahah. The taste is something I can live with if I decide to be all healthy-like and stuff and cut down on the sugar (gaaah). But, alas, my tongue demanded sweetness and I couldn’t resist adding a small teaspoonful of brown sugar, just enough to make it nice, warm and sweet. We’re out of milk at the moment, but next time I’ll try adding milk instead. We’ll see how that goes.

Coffee Not Coffee

So there. I’m quite happy with my pack of Coffee Not Coffee. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE winning a free pack of coffee? I mean, besides the non-coffee drinkers. Really, who doesn’t?

I like that I’m drinking organic coffee, one with health benefits that I really want right now since I’m trying to be fit and all that. I think I’ll breeze through this pack since I usually crave for another cup after lunch. I wonder if “one cup a day” means “only” one cup or “at least” one cup. Haha.

Wait. I just realized this is called a 14 Day Pack with 14 sachets. So one cup a day? Noooooooo. Haha. I’m feeling kinda OC right now and want to stick to the pack exclusively until it runs out to see if it facilitates some sort of change to my overall well-being even if it’s just something subtle. However, I may not survive on one cup a day. HAH. We actually have three other types of coffee in the house at the moment and this could be a nifty experiment.

By the way, since the company is all about health and fitness (aside from good organic coffee, of course), they also have a Nutritional Plan and Exercise Plan by Hayley Roper, owner and founder of Love My Body, on their website. The Nutrition Plan is a bit difficult for me to follow, but most of the exercises are already part of my workout so that’s good, right? Go check them out right now.

Where can you get Coffee Not Coffee?

You can visit their online shop. Prices are at $24 for 14 Day packs and $42 for 30 Day packs. They also have combo packages and stuff, and they ship worldwide.

Coffee Not Coffee is available in the Philippines! Get FREE SHIPPING on all orders by emailing or calling +639276757190 to place your order.

They offer free shipping in Australia for orders above $60, a flat rate of $5 for orders under 60 bucks. For everywhere else, they charge a flat rate of AUD $25. New Zealand orders are charged postage of AUD$18.

Check out Coffee Not Coffee on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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