Rambling about my topic for the 31 Days challenge in October

You can probably guess from the accompanying image what that topic is, but let me just regale you with how I came to that decision.

For the past couple of days I’ve been racking my brain for a topic that I can write about for 31 Days in October.

I went to the 31 Days site, checked out some of the topics that people wrote about last year, and found some really good starting points like lists, letters, favorite things, movies, books, and many other cool topics.

I was thinking maybe I could just do random free-writes every single day for a month, but that would mean I would still need to come up with something to write about every day. Then I thought maybe I could write about blogging and freelancing or I could do a creative writing challenge, one with prepared writing prompts and everything. I also thought maybe I could do posts inspired by random tracks from Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist.

Anyway, I started listing down potential topics and one of them was “fiction characters” and I got excited, like this was a topic I can get behind, and I started making guidelines in my head. I was thinking, each day I could write about one character from a book or from a movie. Then I thought, maybe I should stick to characters solely from books or movies, and then BAM. Books to movies.

Aaaaand that’s how I decided that I shall write about books and their movie adaptations for the entire month of October. Yayyyyy.

By the way, after I came to that decision and listed down some of the books I’ve read that have film versions that I’ve seen, I realized that I also signed up for a Books to Movies Giveaway Hop this October.

Holy synchronicity, Batman!

So there. The entire month of October will be all about Books to Movies. Hopefully I won’t miss a day in this challenge. The fun begins October 1st!

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Want to know more about 31 Days? Check it out right here.

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