Apartment Stuff: Spicing up a whole lotta wall space

We interrupt this program to present a feature post about prettifying empty wall spaces with cutesy artsy sticker things! 

We have a lot of empty walls in our apartment. Most of the time I kinda like it that way – I love white space! – but I think we’ll be putting up a few photos and what not in some of the spaces soon. We have yet to have some of our wedding photos printed up and framed. I know, it’s been forever, but it’s something we plan to do before the year ends. It would be nice to have a few family photos on our walls, especially on the wall near the living room. I vant a typical Filipino wall filled with photos!

Another option would be to get one of those wall decals or something. I usually see those things being featured on baby’s rooms or kids’ rooms, which I guess makes more sense since babies and kiddies need to be engaged or stimulated by their environment. I see a lot of these things on DIY blogs or on Etsy and they’re really cute.

wall sticker
I like the measuring thing on the left but the one on the right is adorable too.

A decal or wall sticker is obviously just a tad bit different from the usual portraits or traditional painting on the wall. You simply select a ready-made pattern with an original design and you just stick it directly on the wall, glass or ceramic tile, and voila! Instant wall decor! But, of course, like with any painting, wall decor or any other home decor for that matter, you’ll need to do a bit homework first before sticking anything on your wall. You know, you have to figure out what you want, think about your theme and the overall aesthetic of your apartment, as well as do a bit of research on the materials and make sure everything’s safe for kids. You can buy these things from online shops or even make it yourself, so it’s really just a matter of figuring out what you want or need for your wall space.

I’m not sure Carpet Head will like stickers on the walls in our living area, but maybe in the kiddie room? Hmm.

Check out these cute wall decals that I saw from this wall stickers shop.

wall sticker
These are pretty cool actually. I can think of a nice spot for one of these in our place.
black cats wall sticker
These are so cute! For the kitty cat lovers! <3

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