Books to Movies: Angels and Demons

Angels and DemonsBasic info. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown was released in 2000. The movie came out in 2009, a couple of years after The Da Vinci Code came out. The movie brought back Tom Hanks and also starred Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, and Stellan Skarsgard.

What’s the story? Renowned cryptologist Robert Langdon is called to decipher a mysterious symbol that was branded on the chest of a physicist murdered inside a research facility. He discovers that the symbol points to an ancient underground brotherhood called the Illuminati. It seems the secret organization has surfaced to do some damage to their supposed adversary, which is the Catholic Church. To make things even worse, someone planted a bomb somewhere in the Vatican, where cardinals of the world are gathered to choose a new pope.

Which one did I experience first? I saw the movie first and later on I decided to read the book so, you know, I’ll know the real basis for the movie. By that time, The Da Vinci Code was already out for two years and everyone already knew the Robert Langdon character, and I think everyone was just curious about the ‘new’ Dan Brown book-based movie. So you know, me included. I wanted in on the bandwagon. Hah.

As usual, the book had all the interesting nitty gritty details that the movie just couldn’t cover, so that was really fun to read. Angels and Demons was also a very easy and quick read. That’s the one thing that I really remember about it. I remember feeling satisfied when I finished the book. Since I already saw the movie, it was more like a ‘confirmation’ and an ‘explanation’ or a ‘clarification’ of the events that took place in the movie. Like The Da Vinci Code the book takes readers through a trail of clues and everything had historical, religious as well as scientific elements to it. Always interesting stuff for me.

The movie was entertaining. I think it was actually a little less gruesome and less violent than the book, but that was fine. I guess the creators had to make it more appealing to the general public. Tom Hanks was Tom Hanks. Ewan McGregor was his usual amazing self. I can’t really say much other than I enjoyed watching the flick.

Book vs. Movie. I enjoyed both, but I like the book version just a tad bit more. With stories like these, I prefer to know all the itty bitty details and the back stories, you know? :)


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