Let’s talk about goals

I was hesitant to do a post like this because it seems I write down the same goals year after year and I never get them all done. However, I was reading an email newsletter from The Creative Penn and she mentioned blogging about her goals for accountability purposes, so I thought maybe I should do that, too. Maybe if I do the same thing I’d feel more motivated to work on my own goals and maybe get at least half of them done. Hah, we shall see. But then the start of a new year always makes me feel positive so here is my list of things for 2015:

1. Write more. 

This means three specific things: first, write more articles a day; second, blog at least once a week; and third, get published in one or two ‘new’ websites or publications.

Regarding the first point, it’s simple: I want to write more so I can earn more. I want to hit 28 stories a week for work. That’s not difficult actually, at least it’s not supposed to be because I used to hit that target when I first started writing for a living. But last year I was in such a rut that my productivity level took a dive. I want to get back to my ‘old’ productivity level and be able to increase my contribution to our household expenses.

The second point is self-explanatory. I neglected my blog last year, so this year I’m hoping to get in at least one post a week and it doesn’t even have to be a long or wordy post, just something to get my blog going.

The third thing is more for my portfolio. I’m not looking to be aggressive in putting my byline out there, I just want to  add one or two more publications to my writing portfolio.

2. Workout more. 

I know, I say this all the time, but I need to get into a regular schedule. I gained weight after Carpet Head and I moved into our new apartment and I was at my heaviest a few months ago. Towards the end of the year I was able to do 3 workouts a week and then I started to falter after a couple of months. I want to be more consistent. My main goal really is to bring down my body fat percentage. I’ve already worked out a few times since the start of the year so hopefully I’ll be able to get into a nice regular habit by next month.

3. Read more.

In 2012, I was able to read 51 books, one more than my target for that year. The year after, I upped my target to a hundred books but only got to 42. Last year, I read less than 10 books. Terrible. This year I’m shooting for only 25 books. That’s about 2 books a month. In line with this, I also want to get back to posting book reviews on the blog, so I’m also shooting for at least one review post a month.

4. Design more.

By this I mean ‘experiment’ on blog design more. I want to fix up my experimental design blog and maybe move it to WordPress sometime this year. I want to add maybe 5 more free Blogger templates and at least one premium one, which needs to be amazing so I have to do a little studying.

5. Practice yoga.

My older sister does yoga and it really helped her become more fit. She’s slimmer than me and looks great. Well, actually, she takes care of her skin and body more than I do and looks even younger than me, but I used to be the more ‘athletic-looking’ one and now I am sooo not. Hah. Anyway, I went to a few trial sessions and I liked it. I want to add yoga to my fitness regime because I think it’s going to help me become stronger not only in body but also in mind. Yoga is also supposed to help you get rid of all your stress and worries, and clear your mind and spirit of all negativity.


Aaaand that’s it. My five things for 2015. 

Of course, this list doesn’t include the ones that should be on our ‘daily list’ like LOVE more and all that jazz! I think those are things we don’t need to list down. It looks like I’m going back to basics this year – except for the yoga part ’cause that’s pretty new. The whole life-changing awesomeness that happened last year threw me on a loop for a while but now I’m ready to get back on track in terms of my creative goals. I know it won’t be easy, but I know I just have to do my best, right? Because that’s really all that we can do every year.

So, writing these things down has actually made me feel even more positive and excited about them. I highly recommend blogging about your own list now. Do eeeeet.

What’s on your list of things for 2015? I know, I’m nosy like that.


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