Good Vibes Friday! Puppies galore!

Earlier this year we got a new puppy, Hero, a golden retriever and labrador-husky mix. Earlier this week we found ourselves with another one, a jack russell terrier named Max! Puppies galore! Yayyyy.

Sometimes the universe has a funny way of making things happen. When Carpet Head and I were thinking about getting a puppy, we were both clear on what we wanted. He wanted a big dog, either a labrador or a husky, and I wanted a small scraggly-haired dog, a rough coated jack russell terrier, more specifically. My dream puppy – and I’ve told Carpet Head this many times – is a scraggly-haired jack russell terrier; I’ve always wanted one ever since I saw Nippy from that movie Problem Child. It’s funny how we ended up with Hero the lab-husky and Max the JRT. We got Hero through one of Carpet Head’s ultimate frisbee players. Little Max was a gift to my father-in-law for his birthday. Carpet Head’s parents couldn’t keep him since they already had four grown dogs in the house, so we ended up bringing him home. Yayyyy.

Deciding on the name Max was also a happy twist. My dream name for my dream scraggly-haired JRT puppy – this part I didn’t tell Carpet Head – is Maximus Decimus Meridius (you know, Russell Crowe’s character in the movie Gladiator?). On the night we got Max, we were brainstorming for names during the drive home. Carpet Head suggested Max because it has such a nice ring to it. Woohoo, it is destino, no? Yayyyy.

I’ve got my hands full with two rambunctious puppies to take care of while the hubby is at work. It can get pretty loud and chaotic when they play, but they’re just so adorable and lovable. Hero is such a smart, obedient and playful puppy, and Max is just so darn cute. Max still has to learn the commands that Hero already knows, but I’ve no doubt he’ll catch up to his big brother soon. They’re the same age so we’re so excited to see them grow up together. Yayyyy.

Of course, stage fur-parents that we are, we already have an Instagram account for them. Hah. Follow @max.and.hero on Instagram for more puppy cuteness. Yayyyy.

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