Of workspaces, devious adorable puppies, and more

Faaaak, I just finished this long post, published it, decided to edit it and add a featured image, and it frickin’ disappears. So I had to write it all over again. Boo.

Anyway, I was going to do this post yesterday for What’s On Your Mind Wednesday, Also Known As Let Us Ramble About Stuff Day (it’s a real thing), but I didn’t get to finish it so it’s here, a day late. It’s a good time as any to ramble, I say.

Hey, look at where I work!


Yep, pictured above is my “workspace” here at home. It’s the L part of the L-shaped couch in our living room. I used to sit back with my legs stretched out on the L part and my computer on my lap, but for the last few weeks I’ve taken to using the L part as a pseudo table. I basically set up my laptop on the L part and I sit on the side with one leg folded in front of me and I lean over to rest my elbows on my knees and work on my computer. It’s not really a super comfortable position, but I’ve been working this way. Of course, I shift positions every once in a while and I get up and walk around the house to get a coffee refill or something to eat, so I’ve avoided having my leg go to sleep on me. Yay.

Hey, look at our cute puppies!


Yep, our puppies are adorbs. Hero (the lab-husky) and Max (the jack russell terrier) are brothers for life. We really can’t separate them for too long without one of them crying or whining (mostly Max) or barking (that would be Hero). They’re both 8 months old and have really bonded. This photo was taken a few mornings ago. They sleep in the bed with us and usually wake up early and get rowdy. That morning they were playing and being rowdy, but stopped suddenly when they heard their daddy’s angry voice. Of course, the illusion of stillness only lasted a few seconds. Anyhoo, they’re super cute and we just love them to bits. Carpet Head’s the alpha around here and I’m just the lady who feeds them and cleans their weewee pad. Hah. Did I tell you Max and Hero have their own Instagram account? They’re famous! Among our friends, anyway.

Hey, look at my ‘new’ blog design!

Yeah, I got restless again and found a new WordPress theme to play around with. I usually find a nice free theme that has the main components I want and just tweak the hell out of it through the “Edit CSS” option (I think it comes with the Jetpack plugin, but I’m not 100% sure). I don’t even use a child theme because I haven’t figured out how to create one effectively. This time, I chose a slimmer layout with a slim sidebar. I also tried something new and went for textured backgrounds instead of the usual plain white that I used in the past. I’ve always loved my white space, but the textured backgrounds are growing on me. I don’t know how long I’ll keep this design, but I’m quite happy with it so far. [Update: This design lasted about a week. HAHA.]

Aaaand that’s it. Yayyyy.

1 thought on “Of workspaces, devious adorable puppies, and more”

  1. Aww!! These are so adorable puppies. I am dog lover and I like to read about them. I have a Jack Russell terrier at home and whenever I come from my office he just jumps on me and adore me like anything. Both of us miss each other a lot in that time frame.

    Its a great thing from your side to share such a nice post and let the world know about Max and Hero. :)


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