T-Shirt Thursday!

This week we changed the configuration of the fenced-in area for the puppies. We decided to give them a bigger space so now they have access to the most of the living room, including our couch. Little Max has already claimed the large pillow for his bed. Hairy part-husky boy Hero prefers to sprawl on the cold floor. It’s hard to keep Max from jumping on the couch so we decided to allow them on the couch except for the L-shape part, which happens to be my spot where I do all my stuff. Of course, it’s all they want to get to. Maybe it’s because that part is next to the window or maybe they just want to test my patience. LOL.

Anyhoo, all that have nothing to do with T-Shirt Thursday! Hurray it’s T-Shirt Thursday, friends! Yayyy. That is all.

Mordorock by Yohan HUBERT (Threadless): I saw this on the newsletter with the headline that says, “This is how we party in Mordor!” I’ve no doubt Sauron likes to party. And by party I mean hunt down little hobbitses and other good guys who want to destroy him.

Mordor Fun Run (SnorgTees): “One does not simply walk” in a Mordor Fun Run. I think I’ve posted this before, but I don’t care! It’s still awesome and ‘we wants eeeet, preciousss.’ Precious wants it.

Skull With Star Eyes by Caferacer (DesignsbyHumans): I just have a thing for skull prints. This one is simple. Simply awesome that’s what. You can get it as a tank, too. Holy yay, Batman.

Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords by Tania Falcao and Avelar Lucas (Threadless): Hullo, another skull design! And it’s colorful but eerie and there’s a sword and flying things. Apparently, it’s inspired by Game of Thrones.  I get it.

Unusual Fingerprint by M SAFII MAINIAL (Threadless): Okay, this t-shirt design is absolutely adorable, but I gotta say what drew my eyes  was that gorgeous rose tat. So pretty.


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