Dystopian Authors Collide! Prepare for Fun Events and Giveaways!

Whether you love or dread thoughts of the end of the world, there’s no denying, this is one hot genre! This week, we have brought together some of the best of the best for fun, prizes, and best of all, books! Some of these authors may be familiar, some may be new, but they are all amazingly talented and ready to party! Read on to know more about what we have for you this week!

A Facebook Party!

Join Ellery from 5:30-10PM EST on November 13th to celebrate our favorite genre with some of our favorite authors.  There will be games, giveaways, and great discussions so don’t miss out.

Join the Dystopian Authors Collide Facebook Event​

Book Sales and Spotlights!

Check out the dystopian books of our featured authors below! Some are free, some $0.99, but they are all spectacular.  Click on each book cover for a description of the novel and to purchase.

Featured Authors: Ellery A. Kane, Sara Furlong Burr, Christine Redding Manzari, Cameo Renae, Chrystalla Thoma, David Litwack, Kim Wells, SJ Pajonas, Angela Cavanaugh, Grace Hudson, Casey Hays, Cathrina Constantine, Lisa Nowak, Buffy Naillon

Legacy Prophecy Revelation Otherworlders

Deviation The Children of Darkness Enigma Black Elei's Chronicles

Removed Breeder ARV-3 Tallas

McCall Initiative Mariposa FERTS The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

An Awesome Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win Amazon gift cards, ebook or signed paperback copies of awesome dystopian novels!

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