It’s T-Shirt Thursday! [Tank Top Edition]

I love tank tops. If only I could wear them all day errr-day and errr-where! Seriously, it’s my dream life – tank tops, shorts and flip flops or cute kicks forever. These days, I’m also obsessing about kicks coz the hubby’s obsessed with them and he has a growing collection of cute sneakies in fun bright colors while I have, like, one pair. Gah.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite graphic tanks for this week’s T-Shirt Thursday!

Yay! Big Hands! by Teo Zirinis (Threadless): Aww look at T-Rex, so happy with his big foam hands. Lookit his face! We should all be so happy to have big foam hands.

Spoiler Alert by Perry Beane & Gulshan kishor (Threadless): Death’s looking cute here. I know this design is a little morbid but it’s so cute.

Mermicorn by Ben Clanton (Threadless): Hah this is absolutely adorable. I don’t think a mermicorn has ever crossed my mind before! I love it and I want one.

Find What You Love by Midnight Coffee (Threadless): It says “Find What You Love And Let It Kill You.” Uh huh. It’s a gorgeous anatomical heart, isn’t it.

Sea Fox by ECMazur (Society6): I just love this design. A green sea fox is love.

La Vita Nuova (The New Life) by Rachel Caldwell (Society6): I’ve a thing for roses and skeletons together. This is so pretty.

Space Catet by Seamless (Society6): Cutest space cat ever!

Death Metal – Have a Super Nice Day by dumbshirts (DesignbyHumans): I’ve a thing for skulls, too. This is so metal.

Pug Yoga by Huebucket (DesignbyHumans): A pug doing yoga? Yes, please. Look, little pup’s even better at it than I am.

Pocket Pandas by Bekadesigns (DesignbyHumans): Aww who can resist itty bitty pocket pandas? Moarrr pandas moaarrrr!!

That is all. Which tank top from the list above is your favorite? 

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