Girl Crush Friday: The very cool Léa Seydoux

Carpet Head and I watched Spectre on the same week we watched Mockingjay. I was going to do a post on both movies but decided they each deserve their own post. More importantly, the lovely Léa Seydoux deserves her own post. She is so captivating. I find that hers is not a conventional beauty, but she’s kind of gorgeous in her own unusual way and very intriguing. She has a face that stays in your mind.

Many folks will probably only remember her as the assassin from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), but she’s actually a very accomplished French actress who’s been in a whole lot of movies and has several nominations and awards to her name. I remember her in a small supporting role in the movie Robin Hood (2010). I think many also know her for her award-winning role in the critically-acclaimed film Blue is the Warmest Color, which won the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes.

She’s also in a bunch of other films that I’m curious about. One of them is Beauty and the Beast (2014) with the always interesting Vincent Cassel. Seriously, Beauty and the Beast with Vincent Cassel as the Beast?!? How did I not know about this? Well, okay, it’s a French movie, that’s why. The movie has mixed reviews but it looks like a visual treat so I might look for it and watch it one of these days. Hah.

Anyway, having Léa Seydoux as a Bond girl was actually quite nice. I hate that the great James Bond always gets with these beautiful women without much effort on his part, but I really liked Léa Seydoux’s character in the movie. Her character wasn’t cheesy or over the top. And she wore the most gorgeous outfits! My favorite is the all-white ensemble in the first photo. She also wore a beautiful vintage lace cocktail dress. WANT THEM ALL. Haha.

So, Spectre was okay. It was fun and entertaining. I was tickled pink to see Andrew Scott, the guy who played Moriarty in the Sherlock series. That dude is really really good. I mean, insanely good.

Aaand that is all. Léa Seydoux is pretty. Hashtag girlcrush. Hah.

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