I want a pretty planner for 2016 though I don’t really use one.

Are you a planner type person? I really am not. I have had planners before and I always ended up not using them much or at all. I’ve realized before that it’s the organized and structured format that bothers me. Well, you know, each page or spread is for a specific week and there are spaces and lines for each day. It bothers me when I don’t have anything written down for each day or if I have too much stuff on a particular day and spill out on to the space meant for the next day. I just can’t ignore the dates and labels. I know, I’m weird. What has been working for me so far is a plain, unlined notebook. I can write anything – from random ideas and thoughts, to-do lists, plans, etc. – and I don’t feel pressured to write something for each day hah. It’s great.

However, these gorgeous planners are making me re-think my planner game or lack thereof. Take a look and see what I mean.


The passion project of Marika Callangan (@projectrika), Woman, Create is a “local platform that aims to empower and engage young women through art, creativity and (fun) discourse on women-related issues.” Woman, Create has just released #365Wonders, a stunning work of art in itself. It is not just a planner. Its pages are also full of the awesome work and stories by artists, musicians, writers, and creatives. Seriously, words cannot describe what’s inside this planner. I mean, lookie!

For more about Woman, Create and #365Wonders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram account. If you’re in Manila, you can find #365Wonders in Heima Brixton and Common Room PH, Katipunan. You can also order online via http://bit.do/365WondersOrder.

(Images via the Woman, Create Facebook Page)

The Daykeeper

In an Instagram post, Marika Callangan mentioned how The Daykeeper led to the creation of Woman, Create. Of course, that made me curious and I started following The Daykeeper account, too. Created by artist and videographer Katrina San Juan (@kattsanjuan), the Daykeeper is described as “a datebook for the dreamers who want to change the world and chronicle their everyday adventures while they’re at it.” Like #365Wonders, The Daykeeper is not your typical planner and includes art and stories by various creatives. It’s also quite pretty.

Visit The Daykeeper on Instagram. You can also purchase your own via The Narrow Road.

(Images via The Narrow Road)

Passion Planner

I stumbled on to the PassionPlanner by chance on Instagram (seriously, Instagram’s my favorite exploration place right now) and I was inspired by its story. Like  #365Wonders and The Daykeeper, the Passion Planner is also a passion project by an amazing young woman, Angelia Trinidad (@angeliatrinidad). Angelia couldn’t find a planner that fit her needs so she created one. On its Facebook page, the Passion Planner is described as “The Life Coach that Fits in Your Backpack. A revolutionary paper planner that helps you live passionately and start focusing on what REALLY matters.” The Passion Planner was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2014, and this year it became a Get One, Give One company – that is, every time someone buys a Passion Planner,  the company will give one to someone in need. Awesome, right?

Find the Passion Planner on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can order the Passion Planner via its website.

(Images via the PassionPlanner Facebook Page)

Are there any cool planners you’ve had your eye on? C’mon, share! :)

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