T-Shirt Thursday: Yay for Star Wars Tees and Tanks!

Yep, we’re all madly excited about the new Star Wars film coming out so I’m doing Star Wars tees and tanks today! Woohoo! I’m not going to pretend to be a super fan, but I do like Star Wars. Hey, have you seen that Carrie Fisher interview that’s been going around? She’s great and super funny. If you haven’t seen it, go find it ASAPs (um, the extra ‘s’ means you gotta go faster than ASAP, so that means nowww). Heh.

Anyhoo, enough of this stupid rambling. On to the awesomeness of Star Wars graphic tees! These are some of my favorites. They are cute, no?

Stop Calling Me That by StarWars (DesignByHumans): Princess Leia is badass. I think there’s not enough designs depicting Princess Leia as a badass. I hope there would be General Leia stuff after the movie comes out. I think that would be cool. P.S. This model’s hair! Hello!

Empire Sketch by StarWars (DesignbyHumans): I kinda like this black and grey artsy sketchy thing on white. I can’t sketch to save my life so I’m envious of the art. This tee is lovely.

Epic R2-D2 (DesignbyHumans): Ah, very cool and iconic. And super detailed, too, huh? Love it. I do love black and grey designs on white.

Boba, It’s Cold Outside by StarWars (DesignbyHumans): I gotta admit, it was the fiery red color that got me. But lookit! It’s so adorable. And it’s holiday-themed, too. Perfect for this season! P.S. I want this model’s hair.

Soft Wookie, Warm Wookie (Snorgtees): Aww, Star Wars and Big Bang Theory mashup. It’s adorable. And look at that happy Wookie.

Come To The Dark Side, We Have Cookies (Snorgtees): An old favorite! I think I’ve featured this before and it’s still adorable. I’m a sucker for choco chip cookies.

Empire Urban Regeneration (Snorgtees): I think I’ve also featured this before. I just think it’s pretty funny and pretty cool. The tagline on the product page says, “There is a slight chance of death at the hands of rebels, but that is just the risk you have to take.” Hah.

Sugar Skull Trooper (Snorgtees): I cannot resist a sugar skull! This is another one I’ve featured before, methinks. Super cute. P.S. This model also has great hair. Dammit.

Botanic Wars by Josh Ln (Society6): Flowers! I love pretty floral things and I love this design. This is really cute! And we wants eeet.

STAR . WARS by Joe Roberts (Society6): I really like this. Love the color choices! This design really just draws you in.

Star Wars Alphabet by PixelPower (Society6): So cute! Okay, I can’t name all the characters featured here and I’m sorrehh! But this is really awesome. I like it. Though I think, when you wear this, you’re risking having your personal space invaded by peeps who want to get a good look at these adorable characters. Or maybe you’ll make new friends.

star wars by Moln├ír Roland (Society6): I like the whole profile looking down and the whole white drippy thing. And it’s a grey shirt. I realized long ago that I have a tendency to gravitate towards grey shirts. I’m not sure why.

STAR WARS The Three Wise Ewoks by Tom Brodie-Browne (Society6): And we end this list with adorable ewoks! This is just too cute for words. Get in my closet!!

Aaand that is it.

I just realized two things. One, I’m obsessed with hair. I kind of regret ditching my super long hair for a summer cut, so now I’m just dying for it to grow long enough again. And two, I don’t own a single Star Wars tee or paraphernalia or thing. I used to have a little Storm Trooper guy who went on grand adventures but he’s gone away (fine, I gave him away) and I haven’t found a replacement. Boohoo. Maybe soon. I should go out and get one.

So, do any of these Star Wars tees catch your fancy? And, how excited are you about the new Star Wars film?

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