I’m a sucky blogger, but check out these cool things!

I really do suck as a blogger. Earlier this year I said I would roll out an updated version of my Going Freelance series and I haven’t done it. GAH. I’m really sorry about that, folks. I do intend to update that thing this year, but I just haven’t been in an “updating” mood for the past few weeks. In fact, I haven’t been in a “writing” mood for the past few MONTHS, which means I’ve been ridiculously unproductive work-wise. I haven’t been reading much either. I read a few books in January, but only read one in Feb and I am now behind my monthly reading goal of two books plus a classic. Yes, I’m a sucky reader, too.

And that’s not all. I haven’t played ultimate in months! I have this crazy eye thing right now. My left eye basically has limited movement and it causes me to have double vision when I look to my left. It’s crazy and it’s being treated and all that, but I haven’t been playing ultimate because I’d be totally useless on the field with this sucky vision thing.

Yep, many things are sucky at the moment, but it isn’t all bad. I have a lot of awesome things to look forward to this year. And not having ultimate in my life is forcing me to consider other things I can do like maybe focus on starting on my friggin’ book or finally completing a yoga challenge. HAH! Yeah, I think about all these things but I haven’t actually done anything. I know, I just really suck at errything right now. But I’m trying, I promise!

Anyway, since this post is really random, let me share with you some random stuff I’m enjoying or trying out right now.

Wallcat –  I’m really loving this wallpaper app for Mac. You basically get a different gorgeous wallpaper every day. You can choose from three themes: Gradients, Structure, and Fresh Air. My wallpapers for the past few days have included beautiful images of mountains and oceans. For example, THIS is my wallpaper for the day. Gorgeous, right?

Happier – I just downloaded this app the other day. It’s supposed to help you develop a ‘gratitude habit’ through sharing small ‘happy moments’ every day and help you have a happier life. I’m tired of the negativity I see on my Facebook feed so I’m  giving this one a try. It really looks promising!

Neko Atsume – Apparently this kitty collector game has been around for a while but I’ve only discovered it a few weeks ago. The game is pretty simple. You have a yard and you buy toys and food to leave around your yard to entice the kitties to come hang out. And you take photos of the kitties and save them in your Catbook. It’s just really light and fun! If there was a dog version of this I would get it in a heartbeat. The game is also available for Android.

Aaaand that is all for this random rambling.

Do you have a favorite app or game right now? Share share!

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