T-Shirt Thursday: Adorable Animals Edition!

Yay t-shirts featuring animals! No need for more intro words, right? Check out what caught my eye this week! Yayyyy… ;)

Dogtor by Joel Robinson (Threadless): Eeeep! It’s a dogtor!

Catffeinated by Casandra Ng (Threadless): Look at those eyes! I love coffee and I avoid drinking it at night, but it rarely keeps me awake like this anymore. Unless it’s really strong coffee.

Susheep! by Darel Seow (Threadless): I like sushi and I like this susheep print!

Run Away (SnorgTees): What an adorable killer bunny! LOL!

I Do What I Want (SnorgTees): Hah! We don’t have cats but I know this is so true!

DarwinTheCat Face by darwinthecat: I just love this giant angry cat face!

Corgi Cuties by Leslie Evans: Corgis!! You can’t go wrong with cute corgis!

Which one of these is your favorite? :)

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