Review of The Organ Scrubber (Defragmenting Daniel #1) by Jason Werbeloff

Today we’re featuring a crazy, graphic, horrific, awesome science fiction book by author Jason Werbeloff – The Organ Scrubber, part one of the Defragmenting Daniel trilogy.

Read on to know more about the book and check out my review!

Defragmenting Daniel The Organ ScrubberAbout the book

7 stolen organs. 1 vengeful victim. A gruesome sci-fi thriller.

Organ scrubbing was a bloody job, but somebody had to do it. Daniel, an orphan from the Gutter, was put to work scrubbing kidneys at aged twelve. The job had its perks: a warm bed, Law and Order reruns, and an all-you-can-eat Mopane worm buffet.

Until the Orphanage stole Daniel’s parts, and sold them on the organ market.

Now Daniel has grown up, and yearns to become whole again. The cybernetic organ replacements just aren’t the same – he needs his parts back. But the new owners of his organs won’t give them up. Not without a fight.

Just how far will Daniel go to regain his missing pieces? And how much more of himself will he lose along the way?

Defragmenting Daniel is a cyberpunk crime thriller that will unnerve you. Every part of you.

“A work of great imagination. Powerful and gripping.”
“A stark and moving experience.”
–, 5 Star Review

The Organ Scrubber is the first fragment of the Defragmenting Daniel trilogy:
Fragment 1 – The Organ Scrubber
Fragment 2 – The Face in a Jar
Fragment 3 – The Boy Without a Heart

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Horrifying and crazy, intriguing and hard to put down sci fi thriller

At the heart of the story is Daniel – orphan, resident of the Gutter and organ scrubber. That is, he “cleans” organs with a green chemical called Rejek to make sure they’re good to go as transpants for the upper class or the folks living in the Bubble. Daniel himself has been forced to “donate” some of his parts as payment for food and lodging at the Orphanage. When he turns 18, he finally sees his file and finds out who his parents are. His search for his folks makes him realize that he wants to be whole and wants his parts back. His mission leads him from the Gutter to the Bubble where he searches for those who now live with his parts so he can take them back by any means.

I read Jason Werbeloff’s collection of stories, Obsidian World, and really loved it for all its craziness and weirdness and I was expecting more of the same with The Organ Scrubber. I was right and wrong at the same time. The Organ Scrubber is the same kind of crazy, weird, bizarre, horrific, graphic and out-of-this-world science fiction and it is also so much more. The whole thing is sick and ingenious and I love it.

This book really is something else. There are some truly horrifying concepts in this book, but it’s intriguing, original and hard to put down. Jason Werboloff has a crazy mind and is a clever writer. I can’t wait to read more of his work!

Note: I received a review copy of this book from the author. All opinions and views expressed here are my own.

About the Author

AuthorPictureJason Werbeloff is a novelist and philosopher. He loves chocolate and his Labrador, Sunny.

He’s interested in the nature of social groups, personal identity, freedom, and the nature of the mind. His passion is translating philosophical debate around these topics into works of science fiction, while gorging himself on chocolate.

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