Thursday is a good day for graphic tees.

Yay t-shirts! It is fun to look at fun graphic tees. Hey, come join me! Look at this week’s tee rundown and tell me which one’s your favorite.

Write Every Day by Wondermark (TopatoCo): This is pretty nice. I like the whole classic sword and quill and gothic banner thing going on. This would look cool as ink, too, don’t ya think?

Wearwolves by Sam and Fuzzy (TopatoCo)Wearwolves! Wear your wolves so as not to lose them! They all look so happy that it makes me really happy. We should all be so lucky to be happy with our wearwolves or other wear-animals for that matter.

Cat Burglar by Sam and Fuzzy (TopatoCo)Eeep! This is just so cute. But why are the kitties in a safe?? I mean, thank goodness for the cat burglar setting them free, but whyyy are they in a safe? And why is there only one little black cat? And those poor kitty cats falling on the floor!! Okay, this tee is making me feel many feelings.

Boston Terriers Yoga by Huebucket (DesignbyHumans)Adorable! I love dogs and I’m trying to get into yoga regularly so this tank speaks to me at the moment. There are other versions of this design with other adorable animals. They’re all adorable. I want them all. The tees and the adorable animals.

Read or Die (Book Riot Store)Book Riot has some really cool reading-related tee designs. You should check them all out. There’s one with a rose and a dagger that has the same vibe as the first tee in this post. I want them all. That is all.

And that’s it for today’s T-Shirt Thursday. Yayyy.


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