T-Shirt Thursday: “Six or more things of one thing” designs

It’s Thursday so I’m doing another rundown of the graphic tees that I’m loving this week! Yayyy. It really is super fun to browse. This week’s theme is “six or more things of one thing” which basically just means the t-shirt designs feature different types of one thing or something like that. Yayyy!

7 Sins by Lucian (Threadless) – This design won the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge over at Threadless and rightly so! I know it talks about sin, but the kitty illustrations are just so adorable. Squee!

Teacup Succulents by Martina Scott (Threadless): I love little house plant things! I used to have a small flourishing cactus back in college and it died when I brought it home after graduation. I also had another house plant and it died when we had puppies. I know, I suck. But I’m not giving up on little house plants! I want tons of succulents in the house! And this shirt makes me want them so baaaad. Waah.

Cool Afterlife by The Letter Q (BustedTees): I love this! All these tips are good for the “current life” as well. I mean, I’ve been trying to eat healthy since forever. I try to get enough sleep and all that. I’m not sure about the losing weight part cos I really just want to be fit and healthy. Anyway, yup, I love this tee. :D

Labrador Retriever Yoga by huebucket (DesignbyHumans): Yes, we have another “cute pet in yoga poses” tee! Really can’t get enough of these tees. Look at that adorable puppeh doing yoga! Eeep!

animals by Myepicassart (DesignbyHumans): Whee look at ’em! So cute! Wind up animal things! And I really love the model’s hair. I like to daydream about having hair that short sometimes.

And these are all our graphic tees for today. Which one’s your favorite?

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