Hey, 2017! Yayyy.

Hey, folks! Here we are again, aren’t we? It’s the start of another year and I’m sure most of us are just bursting with plans and goals. Well, I hope you guys are because I think it’s always a good thing whether we get around to doing them or not. You’ve got to have something to start on to start, right? Or whatever hahahhh.

Anyway, I do have a few goal-like things (hah!), some of which are kinda the same or similar to the plans and goals I’ve had for the last few years. Hey, I don’t like giving up! But I’ve learned to make things simpler and a little more specific. I mean, “SMART” goals, right? Well, I try.

So, I’m just going to list my “goal-like stuff” for no reason at all. I like saying “goal-like” today. Makes it sound like there’s no real pressure. HAH!

Anyway, here. My list for 2017. (I miss making lists.)

1. Read 3 books a month.

I managed to do 40 out of 36 books on my Reading Challenge last year. Granted, five of those were children’s books and one was a novella, it’s still a better number than the one I had the year before. In 2015, I read wayyy less than half of that. I’m hoping I’ll read more than 36 books because I have tons of new books, but we’ll see.

2. Write everyday on my Q&A a Day Journal.

I bought this journal as a present to myself. I always include “write more” in my yearly goals but never seem to do much of it, so I figured a daily journal with prompts will help me develop some sort of habit. And I’m not even doing a target number of words per day. I just really want to write at least something everyday.

3. Start my 1 month unlimited yoga pass and practice regularly after.

GAH, I had this goal last year, too, and I bought a one month unlimited pass last October but I never got around to using it yet. It expires in February so I need to use it. I’m seriously running out of excuses. Plus Carpet Head bought me two pairs of gorgeous leggings that I have yet to wear. That’s one of my motivations! Haha. Leggings are looove. :)

4. Keep playing ultimate.

I took a year off playing because of medical reasons. I had a problem with my left eye, its movement was limited and caused double vision when I looked to the left and I had to take meds and I also had radiosurgery. Anyway, I only started playing again last October. I wasn’t too excited at first and was seriously contemplating retiring from the game because I was totally out of shape and out of practice (I still am actually) and I felt like I should be moving on to something with less running (like yoga! Yay!). But I had so much fun playing with the girls at an all-women’s division that I figured I don’t really have to stop and I can just choose which tourneys to join and that I can always do yoga regardless. We have two tournaments coming up, a mixed one and an all-women’s one, so we’ll see what happens after.

5. Eat healthy.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy all year because I gained a lot of weight from the meds I was taking. I can’t completely cut down on gluten or sugar or salt and what not but I really want to manage those things better. Or something like that. Bottomline is, I’m going to keep trying to be more healthy when it comes to food!

6. Learn more about chakras, meditation, crystals and tarot.

This is my new personal project. When the whole thing about my eye happened, one of my friends (my yoga idol!) mentioned something about chakras and we also talked a little about self-healing. I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I mean, my eye is better now, but I’m interested in reading more about chakras and meditation as well as crystals and tarot, too. I know tarot is widely misunderstood and even has a bad rap, but I’ve learned that it can be a great tool to help you know and understand yourself more. I’m all about finding inner light and magic and strength this year, so I’m excited about this personal project.

Did you make a list for 2017? What’s your word or mantra for the year? :)

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  1. Love your list, especially the need to journal and learn more about self-healing. Good luck on meeting your goals, both personally and professionally. My word for 2017 is compassion.

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