My February is basically ‘Challenge Month’

Last month I posted my list of goals for the year and there were only six things on that list: read 3 books a month, write in my Q&A A Day For Writers journal, practice yoga, play ultimate, eat healthy and learn about chakras, meditation, etc.

These “goals” were more like “things I want to do this year” and I wanted to be pretty chill about them because I didn’t want to pressure myself. Anyway, a month into the new year I realized that some of these goals will really have to take a backseat if I focus on one or two because that’s exactly what happened.

I haven’t read a single book (I started several but never got past a few pages). I haven’t written in my Q&A journal for days (there were some days I tried but I couldn’t think of anything to write about the prompt). And I haven’t been studying chakras and crystals like I said I would. Hah.

On the up side, I’m still playing ultimate. I mean, I’m still training with my team once a week and I played in a league with an all-women’s team for the last three Sundays. I’m not sure about my ultimate activities for the rest of the year but it’s been okay so far. I finally started my yoga practice and I’m even doing a 30 day yoga challenge this month. I’m also doing the 28 day reset challenge, a sort of food challenge I saw over at Blogilates.

30 Day Yoga Challenge + 28 Day Reset Challenge

So, these days I’m more focused on yoga and eating healthy. My sister and I usually attend classes together at a studio near us. We started in late January and we decided to join their 30 day challenge which started on the 30th. It’s been good so far. We’ve been going to class almost every day. I only skipped class on the Sundays that I had ultimate. Fortunately, I can make up the lost day by going to two classes on another day. Cool, right?

The 30 day challenge is actually a weight loss challenge but I’m not expecting to win or something cos I don’t lose weight easily hah. But we get a pretty good deal at the studio if we sign up so I figured it’s a great way to motivate myself to build a regular yoga practice.

When we signed up for the 30 day challenge,  I also decided to try the 28 day reset alongside it. I mean, it’s the perfect combo, right? Working out and eating healthy should go hand in hand after all. Plus February is the perfect month because it’s only 28 days hahhh.

So, what’s the 28 day reset, you ask? It basically involves avoiding these things for 28 days: dairy, gluten, added sugar, processed food and alcohol. And you also commit to working out 6 days a week. After 28 days, you can slowly start introducing those things back into your diet one at a time to find out if you’re intolerant to certain foods. You can read more about it here.

I’m not really doing a full reset, especially when it comes to the gluten and protein part, but I’m doing what I can. I’ve been trying to avoid dairy and sugar as much as I can (I’ve been taking my coffee black and not adding spoonfuls of milk and sugar like I usually do). I’m also eating fruits instead of snacking on cookies and sandwiches like I usually do. I’ve switched to brown rice instead of white rice. I’m basically just trying to do things that I can manage. It’s only been about a week though so we’ll see if I start struggling for realz in the next few days haha.

So that’s it. My February is a month of challenges. I’m also hoping to start reading fiction again and start reading up on crystals, meditation and chakras and maybe even begin studying tarot. And maybe write occasionally too. So basically, I’m hoping to still stick to my 6 things for the year. Hah. We’ll see. It’s only February after all. ;)

How are you doing on your goals or to-do’s this year? What’s your February going to be like, you think? :)


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