Yoga Challenge and 28 Day Reset Challenge Report

All my February challenges officially ended last week and I’m happy to say I did  good. Woot!

My sister and I won “best journal” in the 30 day yoga challenge (hah!) and we each won one week unlimited passes. Yay! I also placed 3rd – tie with a fellow yogi – in the weight loss challenge for losing over 3 kilos! Not bad, eh? :)

While I’m pretty psyched about winning third place (I also got another one week unlimited pass for it!), I’m more psyched about the slight decrease in my body fat percentage and the corresponding increase in my muscle percentage. We have one of those body composition measurement scale things at home and (though I’m not sure about its overall accuracy) it allowed me to track my progress throughout the month.

I’ve also been using the MyFitnessPal app to track my food intake. I don’t really like counting calories, but the app helps me know more about the food I’m eating. I mean, it lets me know how healthy or unhealthy a certain type of food is so that I know to avoid it next time or eat less of it at least. It also helps me keep track of my water intake – which is always good, yeah?

I have to say, I luuuuuurve yoga. Even after just a month, I can feel myself getting stronger and more flexible. I still have a long way to go, of course, but it’s nice to note the small changes. And I really loved keeping a yoga journal because it helped me be more aware of my body and the things I need to work on or watch out for.

Anyway, so I’ve been pretty happy about the results of my Feb challenges and I really enjoyed doing the whole journal thing so I’m going to keep on going with all these fun things! And by things I mean: practicing yoga, eating healthy and keeping a fitness journal! Yayyy. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to these three things forever. And I do mean, forevahhh. Seriously. :)

Have you tried yoga? Do you keep a fitness journal? Got any journaling tips? ;)

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