15 Days of Writing True

This month I’m in a writing workshop called 15 Days of Writing True, created by one of my favorite writers and surfer girl crushes, Camille Pilar, and the amazing Sofia Cope, who I only discovered because of this workshop. If you’ve heard of Camille and Sofia, then you’ll know how utterly breathtaking their individual works are and you’ll understand when I say that, together, they created a workshop that is all kinds of beautiful. I mean, seriously. Camille’s exquisite words and Sofia’s gorgeous art together? It’s truly sublime.

The workshop started last May 1st and it’s been making me feel all sorts of things. We kicked off the workshop by listing down our fears and frustrations about writing and for the last few days I’ve been treading water in an ocean of emotions so familiar they feel like old friends. I’ve also been getting acquainted with somewhat new ones that are making me feel even crazier than I already do inside.

But it’s all good. All this energy is stoking a slow intense fire inside my chest and I haven’t felt this way about writing for a while. I’m actually loving it even though it’s kind of hard to bear sometimes. The fear of falling short of my own standards is always there, but the need and desire to keep on trying is also there – it’s a tension that’s making me feel strangely alive.

And that’s what we really want, right? To feel alive.

So there. Doing this workshop has made me want to strip down my blog again so that I can simply focus on writing true. That is, writing content that I want to write. I may even share some of my homework from the workshop if I’m feeling brave. We shall see. ;)

What’s making you feel alive right now? :)

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