Funky Things Monday: Father’s Day Picks from Gifts Less Ordinary

Father’s Day is right around the corner, folks! Got anything special planned for the dads in your life?

I’ve to admit, I’m not really the gift-giving type. Probably got that from my family. I mean, sure, we celebrated special days but gifts were usually reserved for birthdays and Christmas. Most probably because we weren’t well off and there were more important things to spend on. This is also probably why I’m not great at picking presents. I tend to go for things that are useful as opposed to things that are nice to have. Know what I mean?

Anyway, never mind what I was just babbling about. It’s almost Father’s Day and for those who are still clueless about what to get your dad, grandad, husband, brother, boyfriend, friend or whoever, here’s something you should check out!

Gifts Less Ordinary, an online marketplace for unique and unusual gift items, has a Father’s Day selection that’s pretty nifty if you’re looking for something cool and different for the fathers in your life!

I’ll be honest – I’ve never heard of Gifts Less Ordinary before this week. And to think I do most of my shopping online. But I checked out their website and I thought it was pretty cool. They carry items that are not easily found in your local stores or in the usual online shops. They also have some pretty nice personalized stuff.

Before I start rambling again, let me share with you some of my favorites from their Father’s Day list. I think these are pretty cool!

patinova southern lion cufflinks

Southern Chinese Lion Cufflinks by Patinova – Look at these! Not your typical cufflinks, right? I just think these are so cool.

personalised cafetiere for dad

Personalized Cafetiere for Dad by Becky Broome – Okay, so maybe these appealed to me because I’m a coffee drinker, but hey if your man is a coffee drinker then this is perfect, yeah?

dear grandad from you to me

Dear Grandad, From You to Me by From You To Me – Okay, this appealed to me not only because I have an obsession with notebooks but also because it’s ridiculously adorable and thoughtful. I mean, right?? Each page has a prompt or question so that grandad can write down memories and stories that he can share with you and the fambam. I love it. By the way, there’s a Dear Dad version, too.

dad and me from you to me

Dad & Me by From You To Me – Oh, this is a different version of the previous notebook but for dad and kids! The left page is for dad and the right page is for the kids. That way they can write and doodle and learn stuff together. So cute.

worlds best dad tankard

Personalized ‘Best Dad’ Beer Tankard by Becky Broome – Perfect for the beer lovers, wouldn’t you say? Or for anyone who likes their drink in huge mugs!

So these are just some of my favorites. The selection has other things like personalized bracelets and other jewelry, collectibles and decorative items, leather items and paper products like nice journals (that I want for myself!!). Head over to Gifts Less Ordinary to check out the entire list!

Do you have a favorite from this list? Which one?? :)


* This is a sponsored post. Product Images via Gifts Less Ordinary.

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