Yay it’s T-Shirt Thursday!

Oh yay I have a new T-Shirt Thursday post! It’s been a while coz I’ve been busy.


I’ve been a lazy blogger as always, that’s what. This blog has gotten so boring, I swear. I’m getting so frustrated over this reading and blogging rut, but I’m really really trying to get this blog back to how it was before. You know, more personal and fun (for me, anyway). I mean, sure I love posting about the books that catch my attention, but I also want to post more about other things, like stuff I find interesting or about what’s been happening in my life. Yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway highway, I gotta think and work on that for a bit. Now lemme attempt to entertain you with my graphic tee picks of the week! YAYYY.

tshirt thursday collage

1 – Curiosity is a Nine Letter Word, Design by Ian Byers & Daniel Arzola (via Threadless)

I like this. Because cute kitty cats!

2 – Happy Little Emojis, Design by Cody Weiler (via Threadless)

Aww I love this! Have you ever seen this TV show? This guy was the most soothing and pleasant painting teach ever.  Also, I’m kind of obsessed with Threadless’s scoop neck long sleeves. I want one. Yes, even in this rain or shine tropical weather, I do.

3 – All You Can Eat Buffet, Design by vincent021 (via BustedTees)

Eeep! I like this because of Spirited Away, of course! Seriously, if you haven’t yet, go watch that movie. And all other Studio Ghibli movies. Seriously.

4 – Doesn’t Fit in USB Port (via SnorgTees)

I’m a sucker for old timey things and cute girls with cool tattoos. Seriously. I love this tee because it’s a cassette tape, a.k.a. old timey thing, and the model’s a cute girl with cool ink. [insert heart eyes here]

5 – Japanese Anime Pastel Wave, Design by Rachel Youens a.k.a. BigKidult (via DesignbyHumans)

I’m going to admit that I didn’t really know the significance of Under the Wave off Kanagawa (The Great Wave) by Katsushika Hokusai until I googled it but I kind of understand why everyone loves it. There’s just something about it that pulls you in. Even if everyone already has this on their skin, I really wouldn’t mind getting this inked on me either. Anyway, this pastel wave version is really cute. And I want it.

6 – Dark Lotus Flower Yoga Om, Design by Jeffbartels (via DesignbyHumans)

Because I’m really into yoga these days, I love anything related to it. Like this simple but really nice print. I want eeet.

7 – Modern Alchemical Symbols, Design by Cafelab (via Society6)

I kinda like all these alchemy symbols and all that. They make for very nice tiny tats, don’t you think? I know, I’m a little obsessed with body ink.

Do you like any of these tees? Which one? :)

Images via Threadless, DesignbyHumans, BustedTees, SnorgTees, Society6

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