My latest minimalist design blog crushes

I love blogs and websites that have clean and simple themes. LOVE them and I often visit some of my favorites not just to check out their latest posts but also admire their pretty pretty blogs. I also try to emulate them by playing around with my blog design hundreds of times a month. Seriously, I am never satisfied with how my blog looks.

Anyway, I posted a list of my ‘favorite minimalist blog design’ several few years ago and I think it’s time for another one! So, here you go! Yayyy.

My latest minimalist design blog crushes

The Blog Market – Very clean design. It’s a pretty good site about blogging and design as well. I get a lot of useful tips here.

Cup of Jo – Doesn’t use a white background, but has a clean layout. Plus, it’s an awesome blog with super fun and interesting topics!

Door Sixteen – An all time fave. I just love how this blog looks all the time even after several redesigns and what not. So neat and pretty. Probably ’cause a designer runs it!

Practical Magic – As clean as Squarespace sites can be. Very easy on the eyes. And the blog posts are pretty interesting, too!

Writing True – Also on Squarespace so it’s no wonder that it has a great look and feel. It’s also the blog of one of my favorite writers so I may be a bit biased.

Brian Gardner – Clean, minimal and so easy on the eyes. Not a surprise at all because Brian Gardner is all about minimalism. He even created No Sidebar, which is about living a simple life. Do check it out.

So there. Is there a blog look or design you’ve been crushing on lately?

3 thoughts on “My latest minimalist design blog crushes”

  1. I love your selection of minimalist design blogs! Each recommendation offers unique and inspiring aesthetics, making it easy to appreciate the beauty in simplicity. Thanks for curating such a thoughtful list!


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