8 things that made my 2017 one helluvah year

We’re only days away from the new year so I’m going to do my year end review today. I’m just going to give you a rundown of the things that made this year crazy, tough, amazing, terrible and everything else.

Not gonna drag this out, so here you go. In no particular order…

1 – Started my yoga journey. In January, my sister and I started practicing yoga regularly at a studio near where we live. After only a few months, I felt like I was the fittest I have ever been in my entire life. I also felt myself opening up to the idea of maybe becoming certified to teach in the future. Before this, that idea has never occurred to me and the feeling of having something new to aspire to was amazing.

2 – Got a new puppy! His name is Loki and he’s adorable, of course! Our handsome little jack russell terrier Max sired four puppies with our vet’s little lady Blanche and we were fortunate enough to end up with the only boy in the litter. We initially named him Thor but it was soon apparent that he had more in common with the god of mischief. So, now we have three furbabies! It can get crazy and frustrating taking care of these little monsters, but they’re such energetic bundles of love and joy that it’s all worth it.

3 – Started freelancing for a cool company with a local office. I’ve been looking for a gig that wasn’t stressful, so I’m just happy to find work that’s kinda regular and not too stressful. I mean, I tend to stress myself a bit by cramming, but I think I’m getting a better handle on that so it’s not really an issue. I’m also happy to be working with a great team of people that are in the same timezone as I am and that I actually get to see in person every few months or so.

4 – Enjoyed an awesome beach weekend with my girlfriends. My girls and I were able to have our annual girls getaway thing and we spent it at a lovely beach in Cebu. It was just really nice to spend a weekend of sun, sand and sea with my soul sisters.

5 – Visited the US for the first time. I travelled with the hubby, sis and in-laws. It was a short trip and we were only able to visit LA, Vegas and San Diego, but we got to visit some amazing places like Disneyland and Universal Studios (Hello?? Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! Yay!). It was also the first time I got to travel with my sister so that was pretty special. This tropical girl got sick after the trip, by the way. Weak. LOL.

6 – My frisbee team had a really good run this year. Even though I stopped playing earlier in the year, I’m still really proud of what my team has accomplished this year. The team had a really good run, making it to finals in many of the tournaments. The most notable one was the Run to Taiwan tourney last October. From being #15, the team made it to the finals and lost by a point to an amazing Japanese team. The whole Taiwan trip was great. It was just so much fun traveling with everyone.

7 – I cut my hair really short. I decided to just go for it and cut my hair short, almost pixie kind of short, and it felt great. It’s the shortest it has ever been in years. As I’m writing this, I’m already planning another trip to the salon to have another haircut cos it has already grown a couple of inches. This time, I want to go for a pixie cut. We’ll see if I can muster up the courage. Hah.

8 – Badly injured my left knee. Yeah, just when I thought I was feeling strong and fit. It happened in July, during frisbee practice, and it turned out to be a full ACL tear and a meniscus tear. I wasn’t too broken up about not being able to play ultimate because I’ve been wanting to shift focus for a while, but I was a little depressed about stepping back from yoga. I decided to take a break from yoga classes until my knee got stronger and just try to practice at home. I was fine until I realized that I couldn’t do many of the poses and moves the same way, and that thought has been making me sad and frustrated. It’s a constant struggle to feel motivated to work on my strengthening exercises and to practice yoga at home. I just try to keep reminding myself to focus on the things I CAN DO and not on the things I can’t do. And I’m trying to be patient with myself. Hopefully, I’ll do better next year. Gah.

So, I guess that’s it. So many things happened in 2017, but these are the ones that jump out at me at the moment. My year’s kind of ending on a tough note but I’m not without hope. I’m going to get my shit together and get my almost-abs back, I promise. Haha.

Anyway, I hope 2018 will be better for us all!