Happy New Year! Here we go again!

The start of a new year always makes me feel hopeful. Hopeful that I’ll have better success with my goals for the year. I’ve long given up on “new year’s resolutions” or, rather, I’ve stopped referring to such things as “resolutions” and just think of them as things I want to do or focus on for the year. I guess it helps take the pressure and stress of it all. Hah.

I basically have the same things on my lists every year because, you know, these are some things I want to keep doing. That’s also one of the reasons why I don’t call them resolutions. They’re really nothing new or revolutionary. The ones that are new or different are more like small personal projects for my mind and spirit and sanity. LOL.

The usual things on my list (the priority list haha)

Continue with my knee strengthening exercises – I still need to work on strengthening my knee post-injury and I really should not stop doing these workouts. This is a top priority actually. Waahaha.

Practice #yogaeverydamnday¬†– I intend to get back to a regular practice. I also intend to muster up all the courage I can and start attending classes again. I’m hoping to build the strength to be able to do 37 sun salutations on my birthday in April. Thirty-seven doesn’t seem a lot, especially since most people usually do 108, but it’s something I can work up to.

Eat healthy – More veggies, less meat. I’m also going for less sugar and minimal to no dairy and processed foods. Hubby and I had our executive checkups last month and it turns out we have high cholesterol levels. Yikes. So we both have to be more mindful of what we eat.

Practice daily meditation and learn more about self-healing – I never really got to do this one last year so I’m hoping to pick it up this year. I’m still thinking whether to pair it with my yoga sessions or do it separately.

The personal projects

Read two books a month – I didn’t do so well with my goal of 3 books/month last year so I’ve decided to just try to do two a month. I’m hoping to slowly get through the books I already own but haven’t really touched.

Finish a new #100dayproject – I have yet to complete my last #100daysproject (100 short poems) but I’m hoping to do a new one when I’m finally done with it. I have less than 20 short poems to go, so I should be able to start a new project in a couple of months. Haha.

Start a gratitude journal – I figured I can use my new Starbucks planner for this. I’ve tried to do this before but never got too far. Maybe I’ll have better luck with it this year. Yay. LOL.

Restart my language lessons on Duolingo – I started with basic Spanish early last year then switched to¬†Japanese. It’s fun actually, but sometimes I get so lazy. We’ll see.

Finally learn how to use my sewing machine – My sewing plans took a backseat last year. Maybe I’ll have the time this year, who knows? LOL.

Aaaaand there you go.

These are some the things I’m hoping to do this year, but, with the exception of the first three health-related things, I’m not going to be too strict with all these. I don’t know how things are going to be this year so I don’t want to pressure myself. Bottomline is, I just want to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. The last year was a bit tough on the physical front so I’m hoping to get stronger this year though I need to be more patient with myself. My words for the year are BREATHE and BELIEVE. Breathe, meaning remember to take it slow and be patient, and Believe, meaning believe in myself, believe in the process and believe in the light. Yassss. LOL.

Do you have a list like this for the year? what’s your word or mantra for the year? :)

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