T-Shirt Thursday! Because it’s cool and it’s fun!

It’s been a while since my last T-Shirt Thursday, yeah? Truth be told, I haven’t been browsing my favorite graphic tee sites for a while and I really don’t buy tees that often, anyway, because I always tell myself that I need more formal-ish type tops, but then again I’ve also been trying to stop myself from buying any more clothes. I don’t need more clothes, seriously. I have too many things I don’t use – shirts, frisbee jerseys, singlets, dresses, shorts, etc. I seriously need to purge my closet again AND give away or donate the stuff I don’t use anymore. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but we (my sis and me, I mean) still have the old stuff we discarded in our last purge, which was a couple of years ago! They’re all still up in storage. MY GAHD.

ANYWAY, I’m rambling. I know I have stuff to do with my current stuff and my old stuff and I really should do something about all that this week or this month, BUT, for today, let me just share the joy I get from seeing graphic tees with seriously cool and fun art. That’s really what I love about these, anyway – the cute and awesome art! ¬†Check out the ones that caught my eye this week.

Spooky Cat, design by obinsun (DesignbyHumans) – Hah I just love this! A cute cat and a skull! And I love that it’s just black and white on blood red. The whole thing just makes sense somehow. Very very cool.

Fortress of Solitude, design by Wytrab8 (Busted Tees) РLookit the cute kitty cat in her (or his?) little kitty cat tower!

Psyche, design by zinn_vi (Threadless) – This looks kinda creepy and intriguing and just really cool. For some reason I love it. It would make an awesome tat, I think.

Adopt a Demodog, design by Graja (Threadless) – You’ve all seen Stranger Things, right?? Well, if you haven’t, you gotta give it a try. It’s a pretty cool show. Seriously. And this design is just as cool.

Sakura Deer, design by DrMonekers (DesignbyHumans) – I just find this design really majestic. The deer is majestic. The crown of sakura blossoms is majestic. This would make a fantastic skin ink piece, too. Just gorgeous.

That’s it for today’s T-shirt Thursday. Not a lot of designs this time, but still pretty cool stuff, right?

Images via DesignbyHumans, Busted Tees, Threadless

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