The 4 books I read this year and the books I want to read this year

I’m at an all-time low when it comes to reading. It’s already September and I’ve only finished a total of four books so far. That’s a bit sad, right? It feels really sad. Let me give you a rundown though.

The books I read so far this year

A Mortal Song, Megan Crewe – I won this from a giveaway over a year ago and only read it early this year. It was okay. I loved the setting and that it was based on Japanese myths, but I couldn’t really connect to it for some reason. It really wasn’t bad, I just have a hard time connecting to young characters in most YA books.

Ready Player One, Ernest Cline – I knew about this book before the movie came out, but wasn’t too pressed to read it. But then I watched the movie and loooved it. So much that I really wanted to get a physical copy of the book. Loooved the book as well. It was just so imaginative and so much fun. Loved the 80’s pop culture references even though I wasn’t familiar with all of them. I read some reviews that said the book had too much unnecessary info dump about these 80’s things, but I really loved those info dumps. The book and the movie are so different but they both captured the magic and essence of the story, and they were both really awesome.


The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry – I read this when I was younger, but I wanted to get a copy so I got one when I bought Ready Player One. What can I say? This is a classic and I don’t think it will ever lose its magic. I don’t remember much from the first time I read it, but I understood a lot more things this second time. I will probably read it again another day and discover or realize something new again.

Star Phase Exodus (Anchora #1), Jason Werbeloff – I’m a big fan of this author because his writing is just amazing and his stories are crazy out of this world. I really liked all his books that I’ve read so far, but I think I’m not in the right mood right now for this kind of crazy. LOL. But hey, this book is good, seriously.

I also reviewed some adorable children’s books but I don’t really count them as part of my reading goals. I’ve also re-read a couple of old favorites, you know, as an attempt to get me off this slump, but they don’t really count either. Haha. Oh well.

The books I really want to read by the end of the year

However slow my reading has been, it hasn’t stopped me from buying books. I’m still at it, folks, and I’ve been buying physical books more than usual. I don’t regret buying though because the ones I got are really awesome books that I’ve been wanting to read and have been on my wishlist for ages. I always wait until they’re on sale to even consider buying them. But I do regret that I’m not reading as fast as I used to. Seriously, I have so many great books that are just waiting for me. Here are some of the books that I really want to get to this year:

On Writing, Stephen King – This has been on my wishlist for a while because I always see this in “books aspiring writers should read” lists. I decided to finally buy it from TBD when they were having a sale. I read a couple of pages some time ago and it looks like an easy read. Now, if I can only push myself to actually sit down and read more pages..

books-on writing_bell jar

The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath – I’ve been wanting to read this since forever because it’s supposedly a must-read, right? And I always see it on Instagram. I follow this bookstagrammer who has a massive collection of different editions. It’s drool-worthy. I decided to also buy this from TBD along with On Writing. I’m hoping to get to it soon. I also have The Collected Poems, by the way, which I bought on sale a few months ago and haven’t read. I feel that Sylvia Plath’s writing is something that will speak to me.

books-red rising trilogyThe Red Rising Series, Pierce Brown – I bought the first book on Kindle several months back but haven’t read it (surprise, surprise). Then one of the local bookish Instagrammers I follow put these three up for sale for a good price and I just couldn’t pass it up. This series is pretty popular and has soooo many great reviews from critics and other authors, so I can’t wait to get in on the hype.

books-the passage trilogyThe Passage Trilogy, Justin Cronin – I read book one on Kindle a couple of years back and I thought it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s one of the best in the genre, I think. It came up on my radar again when I saw a bookstagrammer rave about it on her stories. I was just so ecstatic that someone else read and enjoyed it. Then I saw book two on sale for 50 freakin’ bucks at a local bookstore and just decided that I had to collect the trilogy. I found book three a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t find book one anywhere coz it was always out of stock. My dear mom-in-law saw me post about it on Instagram and she found me a copy somewhere! How sweet is that? I want to read the first book again to recap and then read the rest of the series before the year ends.

Light on Life, BKS Iyengar – I have a few non-fiction books – mostly on yoga, tarot, spirituality and such – that I also want to get to and this is one of them. I’m hoping to also find Light on Yoga in paperback soon. I want to deepen my yoga practice and I have a few books that I really should start reading.

These are just some of the books I want to dig in to. I have soooo many others, both in physical and ebook form, that I really want to read, but for some reason it’s just so hard for me to get into a reading mood. My reading slump has gone on for far too long.

What have you read this year? What are the books on your list?

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