T-Shirt Thursday! Yay!

Goodness, I haven’t done a T-Shirt Thursday in ages.

But I remember spying a few cute and cool ones in my inbox a few weeks back (you know I’m subscribed to a few graphic tee newsletters), so I decided to do a little bit of browsing.

Here are some of my latest favorites. Enjoy! :)

TShirt Thursday Sep9

-1UP by Pedro Josue Carvajal Ramirez (Threadless) – I love art about classic video game stuff so I find this really cute. I miss this game. Do you miss this game, too?

It’s A Living by Michael Buxton (Threadless) – I just found this funny. Heyo, all you home-based, remote workers out there, whatup? LOL. What?

Kaiju Road by Pigboom Kaboom (Threadless) – I don’t care what anybody says, I love the Pacific Rim movies. They’re just fun. I don’t get why the jaegers and kaijus have to do hand-to-hand combat first before the robots can bust out their cannons and swords, but hey, it’s entertaining, right?

Duality by Radiomode (DesignbyHumans) – I might have featured this here before or maybe not. This design makes me a little sad because it makes me think about what we’re doing to the planet. Right?

Magic Symbols For An Alchemist by EVA3 (DesignbyHumans) – Anything that has to do with magic, I’m all for it! This one’s neat.

And that’s it.

Thanks for reading. Bye! :)

Images via Threadless, DesignbyHumans

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