Today’s rambling: I kind of miss the blogging of old

I’ve been in a major blogging and reading rut for the longest time, right? I mean, I’ve done a few book reviews and spotlights here, but I don’t post as much as I used to, back when I was at the height of my book blogging or whatever. And it sucks ’cause I actually like my blog for what it is. It’s just hard to keep up sometimes.

Anyway, since I haven’t been inspired to write about anything, I decided to do a little cleaning up instead. I went back in time to check my very first posts on this blog and my gosh it’s been such a trip.

I went back to my oldest posts to either:

  1. delete them (I have so many useless posts I can’t even)
  2. switch them to private (some posts are downright embarrassing and I haven’t decided yet whether to edit or delete them, or keep them in private for whenever I need a laugh or something); or
  3. edit them (apparently I used to blog in all lowercase and it annoys me now and I can’t stand having these posts stay that way haha; I’m not done with this one, it’s so tedious. Gah.).

Reading my old blog posts was such a laugh trip. I can’t believe I wrote those things and PUBLISHED THEM ON THE INTERNET. I mean, WHAT? Haha.

Seriously though, I kind of miss those old blogging times sometimes.

It was fun. It used to be so simple. And it was personal. I’d write about random things, random thoughts, stuff that happened that day, and it was just that. A short update of my life, an insight into my head – my god was I weird (still am, btw, ahaha huhu). And sometimes I had interactions with friends – some I knew personally, some I met in the blogosphere – in the comments. It was just plain fun. (I get why LiveJournal was so big back then, even though I never got into it.)

I started blogging to de-stress from work and it really did help. It was just cathartic. Also, as I mentioned above, I didn’t care about things like proper capitalization and what not (annoying though, I mean, why didn’t I??? Seriously. LOL.). I didn’t care whether anyone read or cared about what I wrote. There was some sort of freedom with it, I guess.

Then it became harder to blog right around the time I upped and quit my corporate job and went freelance. I became too busy trying to earn a living and get settled in as a work-anywhere girl. I also became more self-conscious about what I wrote because my posts would reflect on me as a freelance writer. Not long after that I also got book blogger burnout. Too many books to review, too little time. All my fault really for taking in so much.

Anyway, I’m still hopeful about this blog. I don’t know if I’ll ever blog as consistently as before, but I know I’ll keep on trying to fill this space with stuff. And I don’t really care who reads it or not. I think. Haha.

Okay, rambling over. I still have silly “all lowercase” posts to edit.

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