Blogging and Writing

Of bag lady looks, the Wednesday Club and freelance writer things

The Bag Lady

Ever since I got the big Paisley bag, I’ve been meaning to do a post on some of the looks I’ve put together with the bag. Then I realized they’re just my usual getup plus the bag. Hah. Anyway, I decided to just feature what I wore to dinner a few nights ago. I met up with some of my former colleagues from my last firm and this is what I wore. I call it the Bag Lady Look.TADA! Big skirt plus big bag equals bag lady in the house, y’all! I should have worn the bag on my shoulder in this photo to illustrate. Anyway, just imagine the big blue bag hanging on my shoulder instead of sitting on that divan over there. Do you see it?

The Pseudo Freelancer

Three posts ago I said I would write about my pseudo freelance work. So here it is.

Two months into my pseudo sabbatical, I was getting bored so I decided to apply for writing jobs on oDesk, an online staffing marketplace that connects employers to remote workers. I already signed up for an account last year, but never had the time to explore it. Anyway, this time I was able to attend to my applications and I was able to get a few jobs. Keeping them is another story.