Fess Up Friday: Report card for the week

This is a repost of today’s 30-day challenge entry. Today’s writing prompt involved coming up with five things that you would grade yourself on if you were asked to make your own report card. I think it’s perfect that this particular writing prompt fell on a Friday. This is a great way to assess my week. I have decided though not to focus on all the A grades as the prompt suggested. I listed down things that I feel were important this week. Check out my report card for the week after the jump!


Submitting an article and getting it approved on Ezine: A+

I am ecstatic! My first article to Ezine Articles was just approved! This is one of my personal writing challenges and I’m really glad it has officially lifted off. I used the same article I submitted to one of my writer  applications to a local company. The local company specifically said that I am free to publish the article anywhere after I receive my test results. Well, I got the results a few days ago so I just edited the article a bit. I added more meat into it and submitted it to Ezine about three days ago. Got the approval email from Ezine this morning. Woohoo. If you care to, you can find the article here. I read it again and it’s a little rough. Hopefully, my succeeding articles will be better.

Finally completing one of my big writing jobs: B-

I consider any project that is at least a $100 a big job. I finally completed one of my big jobs today. I finished it right on schedule and my employer was happy about it, but I only give myself a B- for it because this is a project that I could have finished last week. I had almost three weeks to do this simple job, but up until yesterday I was still halfway done. I finished the rest yesterday afternoon and this morning. The actual work was that easy. This is an example of how much I need to stick to a strict daily work schedule of some sort.

Acquiring a new source of writing jobs: C+

This is related to the test article I mentioned above. I applied to Essays.ph just so I can have more options and I passed the test. I can now take writing assignments from their system. I give myself only a C+ for this because this has been on my plate for a while and I only submitted my test article a couple of weeks ago. The rates on EssaysPH are a bit low, but at least it’s another source of writing assignments. This is another results-based thing (similar to that other local company I write for), so my earnings from them depend on how much work I take. These days I am not very fond of article writing because I have really been enjoying the editing and proofreading jobs I have right now. It’s like I want to take a break from writing articles from scratch. I will eventually do article writing again though as soon as I feel that I will be able to handle them again.

Taking down my writing and blogging plans: A

I get a lot of ideas when I’m doing ordinary mundane things like washing dishes or going to the bathroom. I have taken to writing them down in my netbook as soon as possible. I now have a living document with my plans and ideas for my blog and my writing. It helps to have that one word file with all these ideas and tasks that I can tick off. It’s actually nice to plan ahead sometimes. Haha.

Completing writing jobs: C

I completed some things this week, but they are still not enough. I still need to work harder to get that rhythm. It was a productive week in some ways, but all I have to show for it are psychic rewards. I have to work harder to get the material rewards, too. It’s a constant struggle, but at least I’m not falling flat on my face just yet. It has only been 9 days into March. C’mon, let’s do this.

So that’s my report card for the week.

How would you grade your week? 

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Onward MARCHing soldier (get it? get it?)

Yes, it’s a new month and my sense of humor is crap. I’m going on my second month since I officially became a freelancer. For the last month I was struggling to get into a semblance of a working schedule. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near my goal of easing into a nice working groove. I know, it’s crap. I can do better.

I have a lot of writing plans though. I have some personal writing challenges that I’m hoping will help me grow as a writer. I still have to work harder at getting my pocket to grow as well. HAH.

Money, money, money

Must be funny

In the rich man’s world.

I’m doing okay on my 30-day challenges. So far I haven’t missed a day of waking up before 8AM and writing 200 words. I have a lot of room to improve though because sometimes I hit it too close to 8 and it takes me forever to put down 200 words. I’m halfway through my 30 days so I still have half a month to complete the challenge with flying colors and rainbows.

That is it. I rambled more about my progress HERE. I will be posting updates on that page at the end of every month just to lay out how I’m doing with this jumping thing.

So near yet so far.

I will get there.

How was the last month for you, folks?

Writing full time is hard, y’all!

img src

Yeah, I’m still trying to get into a nice groove with my writing work since I’ve decided to go full time. My biggest struggle is my schedule. Working on my own time and in a very comfortable and relaxed environment can be a little hard because there are so many distractions. I just have to drill into my head that this is my work now and I have to push myself harder so that I can finish more and earn more. HAH.

Anyway, a few people have asked me about the writing thing, like how I got into it and where I get my jobs. I’ve blogged about it a few times before, but I’ll talk about it again here just for kicks. HAH.

I was in human resources consulting for almost eight years, then I decided to quit my corporate job late last year. I wasn’t prepared to do a 360 and shift careers, so I still applied to HR-related jobs, but nothing panned out. Two months into unemployment I was getting bored and restless so I decided to resurrect my oDesk account. oDesk connects freelancers to businesses (or the other way around). It’s where freelancers can look for odd projects. oDesk has jobs for writers, graphic designers, sales and marketing specialists, customer service people, administrative specialists, even HR professionals. I get most of my jobs from oDesk. I’ve also gotten a few jobs from the hiring center of FemaleNetwork.com. And just last month I signed with a local company as a freelance writer. I found their job posting in Jobstreet. You can actually find job postings for freelance or part-time writers in popular jobsites like Jobstreet, JobsDB, Jobopenings, and Jobspot.

So there. After doing freelance writing for a couple of months, I decided that I don’t want to go back to the corporate world. I find that it’s easy to find writing jobs if you look hard enough. You just have to watch out for scammers though. One of the employers I found through Femalenetwork disappeared on me. I had already written a few articles for her and asked for a break during the holidays. When I emailed her again her email address didn’t exist anymore. Bummer. Now I always check an employer’s history and feedback before I apply for a job in oDesk.  So far I haven’t had any problems with oDesk employers.

That’s it. Anybody looking for income on the side can check out oDesk. They have jobs for everybodeh! Hah. Well, their job categories include Web Development, Software Development, Networking and Information Systems, Writing and Translation, Administrative Support, Design and Multimedia, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, and Business Services (Accounting, HR, Legal, etc.). I think the business that are on oDesk are really looking to outsource their jobs to cheap labor, but I think if you have the qualifications and portfolio you can command rates that you will be happy about.

PHOTOS: My offices. HAH.

Location #1. I often work at Carpet Head’s place because he has a wicked WiFi connection. Internet access is vital because I always need to do research for my articles.

Most of the time I work on the dining table with my back to the TV. Sometimes I move to the couch.


Location #2. I also work at my apartment. When I do I use a broadband internet stick and the internet connection can get really slow sometimes, but other times the internet speed is bearable.

I work on the dining table most of the time, but when it’s late  and everybody’s asleep I move to my bed. Umm yeah, those are stuffed baby animals on my bed. I know, I’m twelve. Hah. I got those babies from Carpet Head. He won them from those arcade games in Timezone.  :P

Once I tried working in a coffee shop, but I was too distracted by the people coming in and out. Next time I’ll sit away from the windows.


Check out my previous posts about my writing jobs. :)

1. The Pseudo Freelancer – a little bit about how I started

2. Of bag lady looks, the Wednesday club and freelance writer things – a short update on my writing gigs

3. More on this freelance writing thing – my official announcement that I’ve decided to go full time



This post is brought to you by the expression, “HAH,” a supposedly breathy version of common expression “ha.”

ha, also hah (hä)

interj.Used to express surprise, wonder, triumph, puzzlement, or pique.

ha, hah [hɑː]

interj1. an exclamation expressing derision, triumph, surprise, etc., according to the intonation of the speaker
2. (reiterated) a representation of the sound of (evil) laughter

Definition from here.

More on this freelance writing thing

I’ve decided to make it official. Yes, I’ve decided to do this freelance writing thing full-time. HAH. I have two main reasons for finally doing this: one, I am actually enjoying this writing thing even if it hasn’t paid me much (yet!); and two, I can’t imagine myself going back to the corporate world and I realized that I don’t have to. I just need to make a few adjustments to my schedule and perspective to turn this little hobby into my real job.

So you know I already have a few writing gigs on oDesk, which is really cool because it gives me a little bit of variety in terms of writing assignments.  I also just signed up as a freelance writer with a local company. I get paid based on how much I’ve done and I can work anywhere – at home or at their Ortigas office. I just started so I’m still in the process of getting a feel for the system and all that, but eventually I will be able to control the number of assignments I get. So basically the amount of work I have to do and how much I want to earn is pretty much up to me. WOOHOO! No work, no pay. Hah. Welcome to the freelancer’s world, eh? :P

Aaand that’s where I’m at right now. Operation Jump is off to a good start. I think. Yayyyy.

Of bag lady looks, the Wednesday Club and freelance writer things

The Bag Lady

Ever since I got the big Paisley bag, I’ve been meaning to do a post on some of the looks I’ve put together with the bag. Then I realized they’re just my usual getup plus the bag. Hah. Anyway, I decided to just feature what I wore to dinner a few nights ago. I met up with some of my former colleagues from my last firm and this is what I wore. I call it the Bag Lady Look.

TADA! Big skirt plus big bag equals bag lady in the house, y’all! I should have worn the bag on my shoulder in this photo to illustrate. Anyway, just imagine the big blue bag hanging on my shoulder instead of sitting on that divan over there. Do you see it?

I really love this skirt. Got it from our Beijing trip two years ago. It’s one of those swishy skirts so I really love walking in it. Got this racerback top from a tiangge in Burham Park in Baguio. I just wore slim flip-flops with bronze straps to complete this outfit.

The Wednesday Club

I look forward to Wednesdays because of two things: ultimate frisbee training and Uncle Moe’s. My team the Warriors have training from 8-10 PM. We do drills and pick-up games. Then right after, some of us head to Uncle Moe’s for dinner. Bwahaha. It has become a habit and sometimes I look forward to the food more. Hah. Uncle Moe’s offers shawarma, kebabs and the like. I always order the same thing: keema with buttered rice, extra salsa and AllMyTea, a super yummy bottled iced tea that doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else. Carpet Head orders the same dish with extra buttered rice instead of salsa and regular Coke. Mmmm brains… I mean, mmmm keema.

Freelance Writer Things

So you know, I thought I should give an update on my freelance writing work or as my sister calls it, my fake job. I have no ongoing projects on oDesk, but I was able to transfer the money I earned to my bank account. Cool, right? Took only two days for the transfer to complete. oDesk offers different ways for you to withdraw your earnings and there’s a very small fee involved in almost all of them. It’s all good.

I’m still doing the fashion description gig, which I really enjoy. I get my payment through PayPal and I have also been able to withdraw some of my earnings through my bank account. Really cool. It took three days, but I’m not complaining.

So there. I’m not really earning much, but I’m grateful for the extra cash, and at least my brain gets to do a little thinkin’ while I’m bummin’.

That is all for today. Thanks.

Wow, three posts in a week. I’m on a roll.

The Pseudo Freelancer

Three posts ago I said I would write about my pseudo freelance work. So here it is.

Two months into my pseudo sabbatical, I was getting bored so I decided to apply for writing jobs on oDesk, an online staffing marketplace that connects employers to remote workers. I already signed up for an account last year, but never had the time to explore it. Anyway, this time I was able to attend to my applications and I was able to get a few jobs. Keeping them is another story.

One of my first jobs involved writing 15 150-word articles on specific keywords. I had three keywords and I needed to write five articles for each. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, that was a bit of a challenge. I was only able to write 7 articles so that contract ended. Another project involved researching and writing short answers to 250 random questions. I kinda failed that one. I was only able to do around 190 questions so that contract also ended. I still got paid though for the 190 questions so that was cool. Understandably, I received low ratings on availability and deadlines for that one. Tsk tsk. Another project involved rewriting articles on feminine health. That was easy and I was able to submit all articles but with delays. I got paid for them, but I’m sure my employer wasn’t too happy about those delays. My mistake was taking on too many jobs at the same time. Sigh.

Lesson #1 in pseudo freelance work: make sure you can manage your projects within the time you can allocate for doing freelance work. Gah.

Anyway, my favorite job didn’t come from oDesk. I found it through Girltalk, the FemaleNetwork.com forum. Sometimes there are cool jobs posted on the boards and I happened on one of them. The work involves writing short product descriptions for a fashion website. I had to do test descriptions before I was hired. I’ve just completed my first batch of descriptions the other day. Hopefully I get to do a few more. It’s for a Korean punk/rock fashion site so the products are pretty funky and not boring at all.

So there you go. I don’t have any ongoing work right now other than the product description one I mentioned above. I still scour the job boards though for stuff that might be as fun.

And that’s the story of the pseudo freelancer. Yayyyy.

This post is brought to you by the word pseudo. I just like that word.

adj: (often used in combination) not genuine but having the appearance of; “a pseudo esthete”; “pseudoclassic”
n: a person who makes deceitful pretenses [syn: imposter, impostor, pretender, fake, faker, fraud, sham, shammer, pseud, role player] 

source: http://dictionary.die.net/pseudo