T-Shirt Thursday!

Akshully, it’s T-Shirt and Hoodie Thursday!! Yayyyyyy.

The Seasons (Threadless): Yayyy more Game of Thrones inspired stuff. I’m on book four of this mind-blowing epic series. George R.R. Martin is da man.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Threadless): I like this. That is all.

In Dog Beers I’ve Only Had One (Loops and Pluto): Yep, and it’s off to the alcohol detox treatment center with you!

A House Full of Ninjas (Threadless): Awww look at all those adorable ninjas doing adorable ninja things in little ninja ways.

Oh wow, just four shirts this time.

I’m losing my touch.

T-Shirt Thursday!

Most of these aren’t new, but they’re cute anyway. Yeahboy.

Halfling and Wizard (Threadless): Woohoo! Wish I can wear this when I watch The Hobbit.

Inventory (Threadless): Weapons of coolness!

Head Arnold (BustedTees): I don’t really watch this toon, but this shirt’s nice.

Awwwsassin (SnorgTees): Aww. The last face you see before you die by ninja assassin.

T-Shirt Thursday on a Monday!

Yes, T-Shirt Thursdays are back! Woohoo. This was supposed to go up, er, last Thursday, but then I already had posts scheduled so I had to move this super awesome post to today. I know, weird, but still, YAY for cool tees! What better way to greet the week than with these cute I-wanna-hug-you-and-squeeze-you-and-call-you-George* tees.

The Teddy Bear Picnic by Alison Acton, Threadless: Zombie teddies, anyone? Would you really run away if zombie teddy bears were after you?

Jack-O-Full Moon by Marvin Pedro, Threadless: It’s Jack the pumpkin king! Who doesn’t love The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Retro Villains by Cristofer Bernabe-Sanchez, Threadless: “The part of Al will be played by a tall dark and sinister ugly man,” says the Genie. Sigh. I heart Disney.

Curse of the Care Were by Sean Anton Husbands, Threadless: Care Were stare?? I think just the mere sight of a care were would scare the bad guys.

Tea Rex, SnorgTees: Tea Rex is a polite and proper rex. Wait, can he even drink from his teacup? OH NOESSSS!!

*Anybody know from which cartoon this line came from? ;)

T-Shirt Thursday!

When I was browsing through awesome t-shirt sites, I started thinking about copyright. Am I in violation of some copyright thing for re-posting these photos from these t-shirt sites? I always link back to the sources of the images I post on this blog, but is that enough? Do I need permission? Or is this actually free advertising for them? It’s kinda odd to do T-shirt Thursdays without cool photos. I do apologize if I’m in violation of some important rule. I will do some digging. Til then, enjoy these awesome tees! They are awesome and I want them.

Wolf’s Night Off by Florent Bodart (Threadless): Which one’s your favorite substitute?

Mehssimist by Mitch Ansara (Threadless): Nothing meh about this shirt at all. WANT.

Such Sweet Sorrow (TopatoCo): The day-after party photos do cause sorrow sometimes

Philosoraptor (SnorgTees): Does this guy like to discuss existentialism and stuff?

Time Machines (BustedTees): Time machines!!! Geek alert!!

T-Shirt Thursday!

Once upon a time I tried monetizing this blog so I could use the moolah to buy me loads of t-shirts. True story. I was actually able to earn enough to buy me a few pretties. I’ve stopped doing sponsored posts though so this blog doesn’t earn me anything–which is fine–but I haven’t stopped dreaming of wearing t-shirts foreverrrr. Well, okay, not really forever.

Let’s kick if off with the awesome M’s: math and music! Duhr.

Math (Threadless): This is so self-explanatory and oozing with coolness.

8 Down, 1 to Go (Threadless): You know, I really hope cats have 9 lives. I really do.

I’m Rexy And I Know It! (SnorgTees): When Rex walks by, girl be lookin’ like damn he fly.

Zombee (Loops and Pluto): What kind of sound would a zombee make?

Zombie Lincoln (BustedTees): Abe Lincoln, yeah he fly too.

T-Shirt Thursday!

Hurray, T-Shirt Thursday lives! I’ve been rambling about books for the last couple of weeks that I’ve decided it’s about time we do a t-shirt break, yes? :)

The first one’s for the foodies and comics lovers! Yay!

Quickly, To The Cupcave! (SnorgTees): Cupcake heroes! I can sooo imagine them “running” to the cupcave.

Spoilt by Olly Moss (Threadless): Quick! Name all the films!

The Gift of Knowledge by Jeremy Owens (Threadless): Secret libraries and shit! Or maybe it’s not so secret. It’s still cool though.

Tokyo Extreme: Part 2  by Draco (Threadless): Lovely! Incidentally, I’m going to Japan in two week. Aha! Story later. Check out Part 1 here. So cool. I WANT.

Omnomnomnivore by Aled Lewis and Abigail Lewis (Threadless): I may have posted this before, but it’s still cute. Which “vore” are you?

T-Shirt Thursday!

Let’s take a break from whatever we need to take a break from and just celebrate this day with cute graphic tees! Booyah.

Marsupial Madness (Design By Human): King Koala’s like, “Mmmrff.”

Call Me Ishmael (Threadless): I’ve been thinking about reading this book. I shall take this as a sign.

I Got Another Whale (Threadless): More whales! That’s it, I’m downloading the book now.

Never Forget (BustedTees): Remembering the giants?

No One Ever Asks If I Need Help (SnorgTees): Aww poor guy.

T-Shirt Thursday!

A doombox, the origin of the panda, a t-rex playing an asteroid arcade game, a hungry hungry hippo fighting for survival, and an uber cool black bear.  Thursdays are the bomb, y’all!

Doombox (Threadless): This doombox will play the music of your doom.  Wooh.

Ultimate Fusion (Threadless): By our powers combined, I am Panda!

Irony (Threadless): “Little did he know that this simple seemingly innocuous act would result in his imminent death.” That’s a line from Stranger than Fiction, one of my favorite movies ever.  It is so perfect for this shirt.

Hungry Hungry Games (SnorgTees): I imagine the games would be like a race to eat all edible things in the arena. Nothing about killing other hippos.

Black Bear (DesignbyHumans): This cool black bear’s all like, “Wassup?”

So, I’m making like a cool black bear.

Wassup, peeps?

T-Shirt Thursday!

Pirate Droid Arr 2-D2 (RedBubble): Arrr!! Space pirate!

I Just Want to Hug (Loops and Pluto): What he’s really saying is, “I just want to hug and eat your head!! Rarr!! I love you.”

Dino Frenzy (Design By Humans): Hurray for non-cutesy t-rex prints! Rarrr!! Are you scared yet?

Velociraptors Love Cupcakes! (Design By Humans): Why, of course, they do! Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I think it’s great that they’re featuring other dinosaurs, too. T-rex is getting a big head from all that publicity. Gedit? Gedit?

Prototype (Threadless): This is just awesome. Cassette tapes were cool.

Book Lover (Threadless): In case you can’t see it clearly, it’s a giraffe hoarding alotta books!

Bacon Element (SnorgTees): Featuring one of my favorite all-day breakfast food. Mmm…

Do you have or know of a cool graphic tee that you want featured on T-Shirt Thursdays?

Please share! :)